Food Fight

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Food Fight
LocationRenton, Seattle
Status Success
Factions Involved
Fratelli Family Cyber Knight
Units involved
McHugh/Fratelli Security Moxie


The runners met the Johnson at Hampton Holistic Healthcare, where they negotiated 7,000 nuyen as payment, each.


The job was a relatively easy job as the runners targeted the nearby McHugh's, which was also the Fratelli hangout.
They entered asking questions first, ready to fire. They made their point clear by executing the guard on the front door with a slit throat.
While intimidating some of the interior security team, this led to bystanders beginning to fire on the Fratelli leader, Vinchenzo Fratelli.
The rest of the Fratelli gang present were knocked unconscious, with Vinchenzo interrogated as to the whereabouts of Moxie, the Johnson's daughter.


Moxie was returned, with little-to-no consequences to the runners.


u/mitsayantan as Cyber Knight

AAR: I have been hearing about brawls breaking out in stuffer shacks and taco temples before but this was a first for me aw yeah. A bunch of Italian Jabronis were threatening a local business owner. Now thats unacceptable. Small businesses are the foundation of this great nation and it was time I showed them the business end of my blade. Turns out there were syndicate bois. That made things hard.....for them XD. I mean I smashed some fool through the wall and flushed his head in the toilet bowl. Fite me bruh!

u/syneckdoche as Carbon

u/Samuro as Samuro

Rewarded with 7,000 nuyen and 3 karma each.