Forget Me Always

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Forget Me Always
LocationSeattle to Cara'sir
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Ancients, Wildcats
Titania Ancients Bikers, Wildcats, Wildcat Rotodrone
Casualties and losses
Wildcat Rotodrone


Titania is hired by the Laesa Syndicate to bring a mysterious package from Seattle to Cara'sir (Portland) and be back within 9 hours. She is not to open the box, and at the end is to have a drink of wine with Argent.


The Laesa Syndicate and the Ancients don't always have the best relationship, though sometimes their goals are shared. Such was not the case this day. A Telestrian Industries executive uses Laes to... do unspeakable acts, and Argent hired a new runner to test her mettle by having her deliver it.

The Meet

Titania lives in a relatively empty section of Snohomish, which is where Argent shows up. He hires Titania to take a package from Tarislar to an office in a Telestrian Industries building in Cara'sir. He wants her back within 9 hours and for her to have a drink of wine with him at the end. In exchange, he offers her a piece of Alphaware cyberware, though Titania wants to be surprised with what exactly it is.

The Plan

Titania heads to Tarislar as fast as she can, and gets to a mechanic's garage where the package is loaded. Argent has an office in the basement.

The Run

As Titania is leaving, she notices someone in a green leather jacket duck into an alleyway. She uses a flyspy to try to get a look at them, but they've already taken off on a motorcycle. She decides to pick up the pace, though it isn't long before she notices that she's being followed by two people on motorcycles wearing green jackets. She manages to lose them eventually through a tight series of alleys via stunting, however.

As she's running the border, a Wildcat rotodrone picks up her vehicle and starts following her. She opens up her trunk and has one of her dobermans fire at it, though it isn't destroyed. It returns fire... to her car, which takes substantial damage. Another volley from the doberman brings down the rotodrone. However, this leads to a new problem as before the next exit some Wildcats have set up a roadblock.

As she approaches the roadblock, Titania prepares a story about being a security specialist who is late for a job in Cara'sir. She berates the officers until they break, though the SIN scanner gives an unusual read on her fake SIN. After being forced to answer boring questions for 20 minutes about her fake SIN's personal history, she is allowed to leave.

Entering the Tir, she is once again questioned but is able to get through without too much trouble. She makes it to Cara'sir and drops off the package to someone with an unsettling grin who says that it is a pleasure to work with her organization.

As she is leaving, a couple more Ancient bikers start following her. She sends them a message that the package has already been delivered, so they can't stop that. They call her 'worse than a lover of swine'. She sends back a wink emoji. She then makes her way back to Seattle.


Once in Seattle, she has that drink of wine with Argent. As she drinks it, she feels blurry... and loses the last 9 hours of memory.


  • Upgrade Used Rating 2 Control Rig to Alphaware Rating 2 Control Rig - 10.9125 RVP
  • 175 nuyen - 0.0875 RVP
  • Argent (Connection 1) at Loyalty 3 - 3 RVP
  • NO CDP - -1 RVP
  • +5 Laesa Rep
  • -5 Ancients Rep
  • No Memories

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Titania: All I remember is waking up this morning, then I'm in some basement with an empty glass of wine and an appointment for a control rig upgrade, no idea how I got there. But there are bullet holes in my car's roof, twelve bullets missing from Spot's magazines, and a customer feedback form from a... Traffic cop?"