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From The Jaws of Deceit
LocationSeattle, Outremer, Fox Island
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Eye of the Typhoon


The runners raided a dead mage's villa, confronted the Aztechnology team that had been sent to steal the foci, and instead stole them for Wuxing.


Carlos Esteban, a well known magician alumni of MIT&T has passed away and his estate is in dispute. His wife has familial ties to Aztechnology and he believed in life that his stash of powerful artefacts and foci were going to end up in the corporations hands. In his will he wished his collection destroyed if possible or sealed away if not. Several parties decided the artefacts were better off in their hands.

The Meet

The meet took place at Nautico, an oyster bar at a private marina in Tacoma. Highrise explained the details of the run as the runners played musical chairs, he had arranged transport for them and told them off the drop off location.

The Plan

Scout the villa, take out the fire spirit on a patrol search pattern, then raid the study where the artefacts were expected to be. Which was hidden by a mana barrier.

The Run

The team approached the villa by sea, they noticed 2 aspected magicians, a fire spirit and a mana barrier. They realised that the 2 magicians seemed to be unconscious in the back of a van and realised these were members of Mordred-Stone. A magical law firm that were only there to execute Esteban's will and assess his estate for value while cataloguing the villa's inventory. The team decided to take out the fire spirit that seemed to be searching for intruders around the mana barrier. They then destroyed the mana barrier and entered the library where a duo of Aztechnology mages, a guardian spirit and grunts awaited them. The mages were quickly geeked and the grunts taken down via non-lethal methods. The team attempted to question the Aztechnology opfor but received responses only in Aztlan which they could not interpret.

Geilrid recognised one of the mages from his time at Aztechnology but luckily he remained invisible so she did not recognise him. Ember and Flare's guardians spirits bid them to help the Mordred-Stone mages that were held captive in the van and had been interrogated violently by the Aztechnology force. The team rescued these innocents and had the van automatically drop them off at a safe location.

As well as this the team had to assess the value of several artefacts and magical tomes in the library as their boat had limited capacity, and definitely not enough to take them all.

The horde included:

  • A samurai helmet with an oni face guard and orange glowing horns, qi focus
  • A powerful macahuitl, weapon focus.
  • An astrolabe, focus detection Spellcasting Focus
  • A stone toad, a rare paracritter.
  • An orichalcum mirror, flexible signature focus. -This they left behind-
  • Several magical tomes and magical theory textbooks.


Wuxing gain an array of historically significant and magically powerful artefacts.

2 Aztechnology mages failed their IG run.

Flare and Ember's mentor spirits are pleased with them.


18,000 Nuyen (9 RVP) or double this in Foci, Spells, Reagents, Mage stuff, etc.

7 Karma (7 RVP)


IG 1 for Flare, Ember, Geilrid


Highrise as a 6/1 (6 RVP)

Sharpshooter for Ember (4 RVP)

Brilliant Heuristics for Eye of the Typhoon (5 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I got so many books! What a stroke of good luck to be raiding a library full of physical magical tomes. How often do you get a chance to find stuff like that? It'll be difficult to read through them all anytime soon, since rose and hunter take up most of my time, but I'll be adding them to my library immediately! The question is.. what magical lore do I look into first? So many options!

Eye of the Typhoon

Interesting job. Lots of magic stuff that went over my head, and there wasn't a whole lot for me to do on the 'trix, but the ol' limbs and shotgun didn't fail me. Managed to save some guys that Aztech fucked with and get a pretty sweet payday, enough for living costs for me and the little ones and enough left over for cool things.


Magica stuff and some old house, that type of stuff read about on the matrix or some book, never thought I would see so many powerful items locked away in a place, sadly had to part with them but it was for the better and saving a cute magic frog!!!