Gang Trouble

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Gang Trouble
LocationTouristville, Redmond
Result Beat up a fake Gang called "Horns and Tusk" and then beat up and traumatized the Johnson for wasting our time over a lovers spat.
Factions Involved
Henry Explicit
Blue Streak
Horns and Tusks
Casualties and losses
None No Fatalities; all gangers incapacitated and Johnson


Johnson, acting a as a good samaritan, hired Shadowrunners to beat a gang called the "Horns and Tusks" for terrorizing the community. Only request was for it to be non-lethal. Actually turns out to be lovers spat between the Johnson and one of the Gang members which are a gang of actors, not actual gangers.


The meet took place at a old crappy bar filled with blinding neon lights; the Neon Daze in Touristville, Seattle. The Johnson for the job was a human in suit who showed up late. He filled the Shadowrunners in on the recent history with the gangers and asked them to beat up the gangers for a small fee of 2,000 nuyen. After an attempt at negotiating, the runners agreed.



The Horns and Tusk were beat up and deeply humiliated and paid the runners 2,000 nuyen to prevent the Johnson from doing this again. The Johnson after paying the runners their fee, was then beat up and even more humiliated to prevent this from happening again and for wasting the runners time.


4000 nuyen, 3 karma

Player AAR

Henry Explicit

Showed up at this dingy bar called Neon Daze in Touristville. Got paired up with a knife ears named Rabbit and an orc named Blue Streak. Well the bar lived up to its fragging name. Blinded me with it's neon lights when I walked inside, had to go back outside and put my goggles on before reentering. Well then we had to fragging wait for the Johnson to show, piece of drek. While we waited, the team introduced themselves to each other. They seem competent. Well when he finally showed it was some human in a drek suit. I mostly let the elf do the talking, he seemed to be more used to negotiating than I was.The job apparently is beat up some trogs gangers calling themselves the "Horns and Tusks". "Non-lethally", takes the fun out of the job. Well still get to use my "stun blasts" and "stink clouds". Unfortunately Rabbit was not able to increase the price. So 2000 nuyen for the job.

The orc turned out to be quite useful though after we left the meet. Through the info from his matrix search turns out it was more about a fraggin lover's spat than ganger trouble. Also get this, these chums were those fake gangers.

Well we had accepted the job, time to go to warehouse the Streak found and wreck some faces. We arrived and well I got bored while the elf messed with a lock and the orc let loose a drone, don't know what model just it was a tiny one. Drek happens when I get bored as you know, so I busted a nearby cars window and set off a paint grenade inside. Alarm went off, and the inside is now bright pink. Wasn't to worried about it though. I mean its Touristvillve, it could be hours before the pawns showed. Well the elf got us inside and well we then went through the back to set up an ambush. A little bit of a wait, the trogs finally showed. Well at least 4 did.

They apparently knew we were inside and well two come into the front where the tennis court (along with me and Rabbit) and two went to the back where Streak was. Well they opened the door and well the elf immediately engaged and took out one of the bastards with a mono whip. Well I figured he had that fight well in hand,so I rushed to the back to help the orc. We took care of the two in the back with a flash bang and some gel rounds. Rabbit handled the two in front. Respect for the elf. We tied them and placed them in their dirty bedroom with a note saying the door is booby-trapped. Turns out two of the trogs missed the party, and well we need them to finish the job. So we got access to the one of the beat up trogs comms and lured the two bastards back. Took a while, so we left Rabbit to spy, while me and Blue streak went and waited in a parking lot nearby. When they finally showed, Rabbit somehow got them to agree for us to beat them up and pay us 2,000 nuyen to frag the johnson so he would leave them alone.

We showed up back at the crappy bar, which blinded us some more. Then contacted and waited for the johnson. Well when he arrived we first made sure to get paid, then we fragged him up. Hell with what Streak did to him he may never have kids. Fragger deserves it, involving shadowrunners in a lover's dispute. Fragging Idiot. We ended getting paid a total of 4,000 nuyen a piece. So job went well chumms.