Ganger baised

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Ganger baised
Part of Two part black site chain
LocationOutside touristville ,Redmond, Seattle
Result Dismantling of the Blood wings and razor wings, opening up space for futher Aztechnology operations in the area
Factions Involved
Yokai (Dusk)
Razor wings Blood wings
Commanders and leaders
Fredrick Blood Razor
Units involved
Several Augmented ganger Several magically gifted gangers
Casualties and losses
N/A All 10 dead from the 13


Aztechnology was in need for an area where there was no from of any policing force, this does included gangs protecting the local population from other forces. Thus Aztech decided to cause a lower ranking gang to split up by influencing one for the leaders of the original gang called razor wings. Blood wing mentally influenced by Aztech cause the rift in the gang and thus creating his offshoot gang called the blood razors. From this point on Aztech hired runners to dismantle the gangs.


The runner had a meet at the second floor of an abandoned multi leveled building from when Redmond crashed down. Mr.J was a relatively young man with one cyan colored cyber eye replacing his right eye. The J want the Runners to dismantle two gangs that are at war with each other. Was willing to pay 10 k for it but the runner negotiated with him to get 14 k. This did not go their way but luckly for them the J was willing to meet them halfway. After accepting the job the runners got two leads from the J. one of an ex razor wing gang member that works currently as a bouncer at nightclub in touristville and the second lead was that there was a recent brawl between the two gangs at an old multilevel parking lot.


The runners went first after the lead with the ex-gang member. They found him like the J told them but Shawn Blackwater was busy with bouncing and the runners had to convince the boss of the establishment to allow Blackwater to have a break so that they can ask some questions. They succeed to in convincing the boss and talked with Blackwater. They found out where Fredrick currently operates out of. Which is a small churche. Secondly they went to the location of the brawl where they were ambushed by some ghouls that have taken interested in the many bodies that have been gathered there from a previous altercation. they dealt with the ghouls and found out that there still one living person around from the blood razors and he tells the runners that Blood wink has gone twisted. After this the runners went to talk with Fredrick as they got the impression that he was an man that could be reasoned with and they were correct. He talked with him and convinced him to move his gang away if they would deal with the other gang. After the talk they went to confront the Blood razors. In the battle they saw Blood wing a bit of blood magic before he was killed. killing him resulted the remaining three members of surrender and the job was completed.


The runner got paid and Aztechnology continued with there plans. The Razor wings were later killed in an "accident" orchestrated by Aztech.


/u/Marstruc as Ignatius
Rewards: 12k Nuyen, 3 Karma
WFTP 10k Nuyen to 5 Karma
End result: 2k Nuyen, 8 Karma

/u/reyjinn as Brick
Rewards: 12k, 3 karma

/u/tekomandor as Rabbit
Rewards: 12,000 nuyen, 3 karma

u/mitsayantan as Yokai (Dusk)
Rewards:12k Nuyen, 3 Karma
WFTP 10,000 nuyen to 5 karma.
Final = 2000 nuyen, 8 karma

AAR: I was hired to do a seemingly straight forward job. To remove any gangers from a certain location in the Barrens. The place used to be ruled by the Blood Razors, but the gang has been fractured into the Bloodhawks and Razorhawks. After some snooping around we found it would be easier to convince the Razors to leave. By snooping around, I mean investigating the location of their last clash and finding the place infested with ghouls, then having to fight off all the ghouls and then finally finding a survivor who gave us some solid info. So I made a deal with the Razors to eliminate every Bloodhawk and in exchange the Razors would leave the zone for greener pastures. The fight wasn't easy, wasn't easy at all. See their leader, bloodwing was a fucking blood mage and his power level seemed to rival my own. Unfortunately, a rocket to the face kills even the toughest of mages and thats what happened when Rabbit launched one right to his face. It was then easy to mop up the rest of the adepts and mooks of the gangs. Job well done.