Garish Goyles

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Garish Goyles
Part of When the hunters came to town
LocationSalish-Shidhe Counci
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
The 162s
Major Corp
Gigabite Character1


Being woken up early in the Evening, Gigabite received a call from Fiendest in regards to a job for the 162's. They were paid to bring a group of Ghoul refugees into Seattle for safety/protection named Mercia, Trevor, and Dennis. They have yet to arrive on time and seem to have dissapeared.


Gigs heads across the border to the SSC to meet with an Orc named Silverjaw in a town primarily populated by Trolls. After heading into the local pub and asking around about Silverjaw and his whereabouts, Gigs found out that said orc got into a fight with a local troll and in the aftermath took them to a nearby hospital. After heading to the hospital and a bit of negotiatiing with the staff eventually Silverjaw emerged to talk with Gigabite outside. Where he told her about how he was supposed to intercept the three ghouls and give them safe passage to the 162's in Seattle but they never showed up at the meet point. Afterwards giving Giga the coordinates to a secluded shack the three were staying at the previous night. Also in the process handing her a Gauss Rifle and battery satchel in the event she runs into complications.

The Meet

After heading to the shack she the faint lingering of embers and iron lined the air as she witnessed the sight of all the individuals she was tasked to find murdered. All of whom lay dead on the ground either blown apart or shot. Some investigation revealing that a group of trained individuals had broken into the shack with explosives and killed all three. Looking even closer revealed spare bits of concrete laid about and an unbroken Comm link underneath one of the dead ghouls' bodies. A late teenage male she found out to be Trevor. The lockscreen being a picture of the three with what appeared to be a pet Gargoyle smiling close to a lake. After contacting 4NG3L to access the comm, a mysterious program was revealed on it, an app with a computer chip like background with a T on it. Looking further into it revealed a nearby goblinoid settlement not too far away that they made their home in, Gigabiye making her way over there not too long after.

The Plan

After arriving at the Goblinoid settlement, Gigabite met a local lady of the night named Veronica who happened to be Silverjaw's sister. Gigabite explained how she found Mercia and her two children. Who were sadly no longer alive much to Veronica's dismay. After helping Veronica compose herself, she told Gigs about how Mercia was once a fellow prostitute trying to make ends meet for her two kids and one night unbenounced to Mercia, one of her clients was infected with HMHVV and it sadly also passed on to her two kids when she got home. Mercia seeking out the 162's to find a better life and safety in Seattle as to not infect anyone else she cared about. Veronica also regailing how Trevor had a tracking chip installed on the Gargoyle to keep track of it. After re-opening the comm and opening the mysterious application, it turned out to be an app for tracking the Gargoyle as it pinged a signal a decent ways away but not too far. Bidding Veronica goodbye as she shared her comm code. Now heading forward to get revenge for Mercia and her two children.

The Run

Arriving from the skies atop her flying motorcycle with a strum of her guitar Gigs approached 4 well armed and equipped hunters with augmentations and masks covering their faces. After informing them of how utterly demolished they would become the hunters opened fire on Gigs in a frightened panic. Immediately followed by Gigs picking up the most elite of the hunters and doing... the Gigabite Special. Needless to say unless he has relatives he may be the last of his bloodline. The fighting continued when eventually Gigabite attempted to toss back a grenade only for it to blow up in her hand, severely wounding her and demolishing her left hand. Yet despite this, the terror she put into them lingered causing the men to miss several of their shots, one of whom deciding to take his own life to avoid her wrath.


The dust settled as one of the 4 men managed to get away atop his motorcycle, another lied collapsed in a world of pain, one lied dead after taking their own life, and the last attempted to escape the wrath of Gigs from atop his Motorcycle before Gigs shot out the back tire sending them face forward into the pavement. Promptly removing his mask, shooting him in the kneecap, and knocking him out with a solid punch with her remaining good hand. As she loaded the two unconcious and now tied up/gagged men into the trunk she noticed the Gargoyle, in pain due to led posioning and the iron cage that incased it. Gigabite calmed it down as she let it out and patched up its wounds, the creature barely capable of moving. Setting the creature gently atop her motorcycle alongside her as she began to depart. But before she could do so one of the men's comms ringed, a comm code from an individual known as 'Sleek' asking about how they were holding up. Gigabite picking up the comm simply to inform Sleek to fear the night before hanging up. Also noticing on the inside of the men's coat was a simply logo comprised of three letters 'MSH.' Keeping these mental notes in mind she escorted the Roadmaster and Gargoyle safely back across the border before leaving the two unconcious men in the trunk to whatever fate the 162's could devise for them. Gigabite then after depositing the Gargoyle to the care of the warehouse and Repo Man returned home for some much needed rest. Where she drank and had a gnawing feeling. Whatever happened there, Sleek, the MSH, this is not over, and something is coming. But for now, that is tomorrow's problem.


  • 8,000 nuyen (4 RVP)
  • 9 Karma (9 RVP)
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Gigabite - To think that these kinds of hunters would go after just about anyone. I guess I knew they'd do that, I just didn't want to think about it. You try and you try to be nice to them, but some of them just don't leave well enough alone. Even when they could. They don't pick their fights, they go after everything because they're too afraid to do anything else. I'd feel bad for them because I've been there too, but this is too far. I don't regret what I did. Not to these people.