Getting One Step Ahead

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Getting One Step Ahead
Part of Against all odds - The OtherCon story
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Humanis Policlub
Number 6
Fed Up
Casualties and losses


Basic background information was other Contacts a group of runners to help rescue a troll who happens to sell bunch of gardening supplies from a humaneness squad showing up.


OtherCon just doing what they do best and protecting others.

The Meet

Other con has requested aid from runners once again and hence in our job with their most notorious fixer by the name of Tanya who is known for getting captured constantly .so each of the runners arrived there but one of the runners decided by the name of Number 6 pick to take some time to load in one of their persona chips one of salty Tom, a sailor who came into the place with a fish which kind almost through the negotiation out the window and ended up with a nice good bargaining chip a 14,000 for each runner.

The Plan

So the initial of the plan is that there would be out of the three riggers would be the outrider and who would be at the front of the time to deal with any of the enemies trying to chase down the group, acting as a decoy. ,the second of the riggers would be in the middle of the team with the target that the team was sent to rescue before they would suffer undoable harm ,and the final rigger would act as the rearguard making sure that they're not being trailed by anyone and so they acted out this plan which have proved to be very effective. So Strobe pulled around back while Number 6 went inside to go get the target, while Rurosha setup on the roof and Scrappenny waited around the side. once the enemies pulled up into their van and with a helpful fire spirit summoned by Swerve.

The Run

Once the plan was thought of the group would move into their positions and everything was running smoothly until two vans pulled up with the opposition and due to the power of suppressing fire an A calledshot engine block the first group was eliminated with extreme prejudice and the last guy being downed by the fire spirit .after the target was escorted into the safety vehicle and began to leave the outrider would be sent out catching the trail of a group waiting for the target. And with another called shot engine block by  Rurosha, they were left to slowly pull over onto the side of the world, while all the runners regroup at OtherCon HQ with the target who was not harmed.


After everything was dealt with in the opposition was limited one of the brothers said to stay by to loot the place and finds an trophy for track and field .after a while they would regroup back at OtherCon HQ and where they would be paid by Tanya who was desperately trying to avoid being given the fish by Number6. in all the group decided to have a massive group hug with a very confused and conflicted squirrel.


14000 nuyen 3 karma +2 rep with Othercon 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I have heard about this squirrel named Tanya and how she is constantly being kidnapped of course she seems like she's a relatively reliable fixture with a large amount of runners . it went out without a hitch and we managed to recover in the VIP without them taking any serious damage an dealing with our opposition with extreme prejudice . Honestly I not very familiar with this whole changeling and surge thing it's kind of nice to see that there's a group of community trying to help each other in this screwed up world.


The run went well, although the meet was interesting, due to this Number 6 person. I don't think the mooks sent to deal the principal knew what had hit them.

Number 6

What a run indeed. I was swapped personafixes a few times so some of it is a little blurry. I vaguely remember something about ... a fish? Anyway, the run itself went off as smoothly as something can with a wild fire spirit. Infiltration and distraction was the name of the game and we pulled it off effortlessly. I hardly had to do a thing. Anyway, I've got to go, met this wonderful troll secretary."

Fed Up

That poor fish. It was alive when 6 pulled it out of their coat and offered it to the J at the meetup. I dunno if it was still flopping when they offered it again at the end, when we delivered the package. The J was nice enough, but maybe too naïve? I almost felt bad, lying to her for a few extra creds at the start. Glad I did though, this run got hot fast. About the same time we got to the package, a couple murdered-out boxes full of drek showed up. Humanis drek. Good thing too. I would've felt bad if that happened to anyone else. It was over just as I got the target out the back door and into Strobe's car. Fine by me. My ammo costs my creds. We dropped off the target much earlier than intended. Package delivered, creds pocketed, run complete. I also kept that Acorn pin. It'll probably end up in my junk drawer.


Huh. So this was Tanya. I'd heard rumors of her before, but I hadn't really believed them. She seemed to fit the description though, amazingly. The job went pretty well all things considered. We just had a few cars drive in different ways, and that pretty much solved the problem. That, and the gratuitous violence at the pick up spot of course. I called up a pretty strong aspect of myself, and she wrecked things! Well mainly she missed, but she tried, and I can't blame her for that. Good job fire-me!