Give back my Weapons

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Give back my Weapons
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Major Corp
Haruko Olobella
Fires Spirit
Casualties and losses
2 Ganger, Fires Spirit


The runners are sent to bring back stolen weapons from the Cutters. They succeed in capturing at least half of the stolen weapons.


A shipment of weapons from the Cutters is raided by the Black Disciples of a new gang. Since the Cutters' chapter responsible for the shipment is operating outside of Seattle, Jewels has to resort to using runners to get back the weapons he needs to make a delivery.

The Meet

The meeting will take place at a Cutter workshop in Redmond. Jewels offers the runners 20,000 Nuyen if they bring back all 4 weapons boxes. If they bring back less, the reward will be adjusted. The cutter still has the coordinates of the raid for the runners and then sends them off to bring back his weapons. They have 24 hours to do so.

The Plan

At the scene of the ambush, the Runners find a marker (a smiley face) which Bulldozer can assign to the Black Disciples. Bulldozer also sees a squatter watching the scene. He goes over to him and threatens him. The squatter gets louder and says that he saw the Black Disciples robbery. But as more squatters show up armed, the runners retreat and Heracles hacks a camera in the area. They are able to observe the raid 1 orc, a dwarf, A troll and a human accompanied by a fire spirit carry out the raid. Heracles scours the Matix and, thanks to a request for weapons, is able to find out the whereabouts of the Black Disciples.

The Run

Arriving at the safe house, Bulldozer simply pushes open the garage door. The team enters the garage and is surprised by the growling of a Baghest. Bulldozer and the Baghest stare into each other's eyes for some time, then the Baghest decides that it is better to jump through the closed window and run away. From above the runners hear voices and it sounds like the gang is preparing for the attackers. Bulldozer and Heracles use Shield Run to go up together. Haruko is a bit surprised and stays behind with her water spirit. Bulldozer is able to discover a trap with grenades in time and then lays the stairwell under suppressive fire. Heracles intimidates the wolves of the gang who run away. In the meantime, Bulldozer is hit by several grenades and attacked by a fiery spirit. Haruko comes upstairs and casts an illusion spell on the enemies. Haruko's water spirit and the fire spirit dissolve each other in a little dance. The Runners succeed in overpowering two of the opponents, but Bulldozer is also badly wounded. After a short negotiation with the remaining gangers, they agree that the runners can take two crates with them. Bulldozer is nursed back to health and the runners make their way to Jewels.


Jewels pays the runners for the two crates.


  • 10.000 Nuyen (5 RVP) double for Vehicle or Weapons up to AV 19
  • 8 Karma (8 RVP)
  • 6 CDP (2 RVP)

Optional from above RVP:

  • Jewels (C2L2) (3RVP)


  • one level of Tough as Nails (5 RVP)


  • Quick Heeler (3 RVP)

Game Quotes


"well.. this was a day or shame, got knocked down by some nkántzers scum.. ima get few drinks"

Player After Action Reports (AARs)