Glow Guerillas

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Glow Guerillas
LocationRedmond Barrens, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
BetterDawn, LLC
Glow City Resistance
Angry Andy
Casualties and losses
Mutaqua captured, most of the opfor eliminated


Four runners capture and turn in the leader of an infected cell resisting Renraku's efforts to tame and 'clean up' Glow City.


As a public relations endeavor, a subsidiary of Renraku has been attempting to clean up Glow City and its environs, and prepare it for development. This project has the side benefit of permitting Renraku to delve into old warehouses and technology caches beneath Glow City, including sites owned by NeoNet.

Though their efforts on the surface have had limited success, the megacorp has made more progress underground. They have cleared tunnel after tunnel by blocking ventilation and flooding those tunnels with tear gas, flushing out or outright choking to death anyone taking refuge there. Following these activities, groups of infected began to organize and strike back at Renraku's excavations.

Renraku's hazmat-equipped security was once able to repulse the attacks, but during the events of Fragmented Vineyard, an entire squadron of elite Renraku security personnel disappeared. The infected resistance took advantage and began jeopardizing Renraku operations in Glow City.

The Meet

The runners are sent an automated message vetted by their fixers and notifying them of an urgent job offer. This message asked them to meet at a tent in 'Base Camp Delta' of BetterDawn, LLC in the Redmond Barrens, just west of Glow City. There, Pell recognizes that many of the devices and equipment used by the staff around the camp are Renraku-branded.

In a sparse tent, the runners converse with a professional Johnson who offers them a job on behalf of BetterDawn, LLC. He describes raiders who have been attacking technicians and workers, and asks the team to capture the leader alive. Provided intelligence pointed the runners to the likely site of the raider's base.

The Plan

Having little time to work with before the surveillance is discovered by the infected, the runners set out immediately into the barrens. They drive in two trucks, one driven by Angry Andy and the other by Nogitsune. They navigate despite what proves to be an outdated map and, with the aid of Andy's drone surveillance, manage to avoid a bomb planted in the middle of the road.

The team decides to approach the target complex on foot, while Andy's scooter drones dip into the side streets of Glow City and approach from the north and south.

The Run

The team and the defending infected spot each other at roughly the same time. Angry Andy's drones succeed at pulling away much of the defenders' automated defenses, with three slipping past to participate in the battle. Tombstone moves forward boldly to draw OpFor attention while laying suppressive fire down the center of the road. Nogitsune provides sniper support, Angry Andy follows Tombstone into the fight with a shotgun of his own, and Pell offers killing power in the form of a Force 10 Air Spirit, potent spells, and her own sniper rifle.

The team survives being swamped by gnawers, ghouls, and rad hounds, while being shot at by snipers from the windows and rooftop gunners. In time, their target personally joins the battle - a mutaqua that was leading this cell of the infected resistance. After fierce fighting, the runners subdue the opposition, with two powerful stun bolts from Pell knocking the mutaqua unconscious for capture.


The runners are paid generously for their work, and Nogitsune manages to take the mutaqua's sword as a battle trophy.

The mutaqua is delivered into the custody of BetterDawn, LLC, a subsidiary of Renraku. The infected will likely be interrogated aggressively concerning other resistance groups before disappearing into a Renraku laboratory.


Rewards for 'Glow Guerillas'
+ ¥20,000 or ¥40,000 in gear credit for Weaponry or Cyberware, 18 Avail Limit
+ 2 CDP

Nogitsune: Obtains an R1 Weapon Focus in the form of a Nodachi.
Everyone Else: +3 Karma

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Welp, the weapon focus the target had wasn't inconspicuous at all. I just hope that this won't bite me in the ass in the future.


Really glad Pell was there, I mean I would've been fine but the others not so much.


Something about this folk eye is different from the others I feel left sort of kinship to this power and why not take it so I can wield it as my own. maybe adept focuses on fighting and not an arm but never hurts to wield a weapon that can be a great power of sort