Gold, Jade, and Bone

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Gold, Jade, and Bone
LocationSan Francisco, California Free State
Result Focus acquired and handed off to Wuxing, spirits disrupted, Yakuza-Triad war continues
Factions Involved
Cobra (Carrier Oriskany)
Shotozumi-gumi Wuxing University of Guangzhou
Commanders and leaders
SysOp TANJ Yashima Toson Professor Liu Huan
Casualties and losses
None 1 Combatants killed
3 Combatants wounded
One mage had his soul obliterated


Through his research, Professor Liu Huan discovered a powerful summoning artifact from a previous age had been found in the 1800's, and had been shipped to Yerba Buena, but never reached it's current destination, the captain and a good deal of the crew was driven mad, cannibalized many other crew members, and when the ship finally arrived, the captain was executed. Before the Professor could assemble a team to retrieve the item, he noticed someone had hacked his notes, and he must move quickly.


The Professor, not used to hiring runners, picked a busy Hot Pot place to conduct business. An inexperienced Johnson, he failed in negotiations and agreed to the runners price.


The runners moved to a bar to begin planning. Going through several plans, they eventually decided on traveling to the CFS by boat, but their Johnson was only able to arrange for one a week later. In the meantime, Diech0t0mie broke into the San Francisco Public Library, appearing as the Library of Alexandria, and was able to pilfer both information regarding the ship, and its whereabouts. In the meantime, Witchblade scouted out the general area down south, noting areas with distinct blood magic background counts were fairly close to their objective. After looking through the information present, they found out the ship was under a Nail Salon in Black Chrysanthemum Triad's territory.

After arriving in San Francisco, the runners decided they wanted to cut a deal with the Triad. Finding the location with the largest cluster of smartlinks in Chinatown that wasn't an SFPD station, the runners proceeded, eventually coming face to face with the local Straw Sandal, a towering Ork woman, and, after assenssing, also a blood adept, though her legs being long crystalline blades instead of regular legs gave this away fairly quickly. The runners eventually agreed to a deal, in return for being used as bait for the Yakuza, they would be allowed 2 hours to search the ship.

They ambushed a small party of Yakuza, who were hired by whomever stole the Professor's notes, and earned the right to search the ship.

In a massive cavern under the city, the old rotting Junk sat in a pool of stagnant water, still being crewed by a spirit of man and several bone spirits, who apparently believed they were the captain and his crew, respectively. These were dealt with, and before the focus, and red stained jade orb, could corrupt anyone, it was put in a box, and sealed away.

The runners completed the hand off to the Professor at Crissy Field, the Professor overjoyed and relieved to have the focus in his hands


The orb was sealed away in the vaults of the University, never to be seen again, for now.


18K nuyen, 3 Karma, +1 rep with Wuxing, +1 rep with the Black Chrysanthemum Triad, -12 with the Shotozumi-Rengo