Gone Girl 2: Gone Off The Deep End

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Gone Girl 2: Gone Off The Deep End
Result The team were able to rescue Samantha and escape the clutches of the Shedim, for now.
Factions Involved
Count Radio
Father Sebastian
Shedim blade-summoned
Commanders and leaders


Josie, a middle aged SINless woman working in Touristville is anguished at the disappearance of her daughter Samantha. With law enforcement being no help she turned to the shadows to find out what happened and bring her back.


The meet took place in Josie's apartment complex where Samuro intimidated a ganger to stop beating his girlfriend and then avoided confronting the entire gang when they showed up.


The runners started off with investigating Samantha's room, finding her interest in punk rock being recently replaced by religious sermons. They then went to the strip joint Samantha worked in and discovered that she left her job after paying all her dues to her pimp and handler. She also came in all bandaged up. They also discover she did so after receiving a mysterious letter from a troll priest that dropped it by at the bar. The letter invited her to join his flock and acend to a higher cause, thus awakening her latent magic. She also paid her dues by selling her cyberware. The runner later investigate into Brain Eater territory learning that she used to be an avid ware fan and used to get all her ware then but suddenly in her quest to awaken her magic she asked all her implants to be removed and sold, following which she actively protested the existence of ware, picketing and hampering the gang's business. In response, the gang kicked her out, instead of killing her and threatened her to never return.

The runner then started to follow the trail of the troll priest, Father Sebastian, questioning locals and homeless, who sometimes received aid from the mysterious priest in exchange for "increasing his flock" among what appeared to be a cult named "Communion of the Chosen". Those chosen were marked by a peculiar magical brand. The runners used interrogation and tracking magic to locate Sebastian's "church" deep in the Redmond Barrens. The building was under an illusion spell but the runners found the entrance, stumbling upon a horrifying shedim lair. Dead bodies, piled for possession and an ongoing ritual to sacrifice Samantha into one of the blade-summoned. Knowing a full assault would not be easy on their home turf, given the significant background count and anchored spells. They managed to distract the cultists with spells and bullets while Samuro snagged Samantha and ran. Count Radio pulled a brave move by nuking the room with a F12 toxic wave, only to discover the Shedim's regenerative powers. Rabbit, having faced these creatures before, noped the fuck out and blew the whole place with a rocket. The whole team running away with an unconscious Samantha in their arms. The shedim lacking the speed to follow emerged from the collapsed building, injured but alive, staring menacingly at the retreating team...waiting...biding their time.


The team were able to successfully excise the binding brand and return Samantha to Josie and then using the help of their contacts move them out of Seattle so Sebastian cannot come after them again. But evil is tireless, evil knows no bounds.


8000 nuyen, 10 karma

  • Rabbit: +2 street cred. -4000 nuyen.