Gotta Get the Cash

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Gotta Get the Cash
LocationEdmonton, Athabaskan Council
Factions Involved
1AM's runner team


A team of runners are hired to abduct a decker called 1AM. The target is tracked down via the Matrix, and the team hops on a flight to Edmonton to full-auto douse the targets team with non-lethal ammo.


An unknown decker/technomancer has a deep grudge against another decker, 1AM. They want 1AM brought to them alive. 1AM is preparing for a run into an ex-Canadian naval training base, HMCS Tecumseh.

The Meet

Purkinje arrives and senses another technomancer in the vicinity of the meet, which takes place in the backroom of a AR cafe that functions as a Faraday cage. A Shiawase I-doll with pre-programmed responses informs the team their mission will be to hunt down and capture a decker named 1AM. The Johnson has no information on the targets whereabouts, other than that they have accessed a specific data haven recently. The Johnson provides Purkinje with temporary credentials to access the aforementioned data haven.

The Plan

Purkinje accesses the data haven using the credentials provided by the Johnson. She checks the logs, learning that 1AM neglected to wipe them and was looking into the HCMS Tecumseh training base. 1AM's commcode is acquired from the log and is used to determine 1AM's current location in Edmonton, Athabaskan Council. The Johnson is contacted and passed this information, and arranges for transport via bush plane. The team packs their gear and elects to bring Sinister's Americar. The Ork pilot lands the plane on the outskirts of the Redmond Barrens, and the team boards for the 3-hour flight.

The Run

The bush plane lands on a lake and the team disembarks. On the drive to the target's location, recon and take-down options are discussed. Once outside the hotel where the target is staying, Howler deploys her ocular drone and gets visuals of 1AM and her runner team, a cybered-up Nartaki and Hispanic human woman. They look to be making the final preparations for a run. Meanwhile, Purkinje analyzes them in the Matrix, and swaps the fire/eject clip input on all of their firearms using GarbageIn/GarbageOut. The team then discusses how to best stealthily approach the target's hotel room. Magic-assisted stealth is suggested, as well as the option of acquiring a room nearby and checking in normally.

However, before these schemes can be enacted, the targets go on the move and exit the hotel, presumably departing for their run into HMCS Tecumseh. Invisibility is cast by Howler and the team moves into firing positions. Two of the targets are shot down before they can act, but the Nartaki absorbs enough stick-shock and gel rounds to be able to groan in surprise when their grenade launcher ejects its clip on a trigger pull. The team closes in, continuing to unload rounds into the Nartaki, who eventually goes down without further incident. The teams Awakened then remark on how they could have just used Stunbolt or some such spell, which would have saved time and ammo. The three targets are hastily thrown in the trunk, as bystanders begin to form a scene around the shooting. The secondary targets are left unconscious in a nearby VR-bar, while the primary target, 1AM, is brought back on the plane. The team attempts to remove 1AM's cyberdeck, only to discover it is cyberimplanted. During the flight back, 1AM regains consciousness and is questioned. It is revealed they have some undefined history with the Johnson, but don't anticipate losing their life after being handed over. Purkinje offers to store 1AM's cyberdeck for safe-keeping until they are released. After some reluctance, 1AM is successfully convinced to accept the offer. Purkinje arranges for the deck's storage in a drop-box, and shuts down the implication that she doesn't intend to return the deck.


1AM is handed over to the I-doll, which then pays the team and slings 1AM over its shoulder. The run concludes without incident.


  • ¥15,000
  • 5 karma
  • 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Clean and simple. Our techo tracked and defanged the targets without them ever realising. Drek, I was mostly just a taxi driver this run. Did get to see a little of the Athabaskan Council, I suppose. Bit of a change from the Sprawl. The look on that Nartaki's face when the grenades ejected themselves was so slotting funny. Hope I'm never in that position.