Green Hell

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Green Hell
LocationPlastic Jungles
Result The team were able to eliminate the toxic mage, preventing a mini nuke from going off and recover the orichalcum mcguffin
Factions Involved
Count Radio
Champion of Mutation
F8 Toxic spirits and critters


A powerful toxic mage stole a significant piece of orichalcum from one of Lofwyr's vaults, to magically power a mini nuke. The plutonium was gathered from an underground military black site under Fort Lewis. The mage then established a base, deep in the Plastic jungles, corrupting the local area and slaughtering the neo tribal settlers. Using the wanton environmental destruction and death to power his lodge and unleash a major ritual. The power of the ritual was string enough to cause a massive storm over Seattle and draw in ambient radiation from glow city. Alerts were given out to stay indoors and areas of Tacoma and Everett were evacuated.


The meet took place in the matrix where the runners were tasked with retrieving the Mcguffin by Hans Brackhaus. They had no time to prep or do legwork, the clock was ticking. Rabbit wasn't part of the original team but she replaced Mochizuki mid run.


The initial challenge was to drive under such harsh conditions and reach the Plastic jungles. TwoPly managed to brave the storm and deftly avoid any flying debris or cars from ramming them. Upon reaching the plastic jungles the storm was calm in the eye, but the torrential acidic rain continued, eating away at the armor of those without proper protection. Perpetual darkness, poor matrix signal, background count and a foul stench presented a scene of dread, waiting to be explored. The runners soon found out from where the stench was coming from. A slaughtered village, the bodies of the villagers strewn around, bloated and being used as hived by amphora beetles, while porous flesh hanged from the trees, infested with void wasps. Putrid blood and other bodily fluids mixed with the soil to make it a slick, nasty mud, overall painting a hellish picture. TwoPly tried to scout ahead with his drones but the fly spies were ripped apart by the corrupted wildlife. With no drone recon the team was forced to venture forth, killing the insects and then facing swarms of mutated rats and rad hounds. A F8 abomination was secretly hiding in the canopy above controlling the beasts and slowly wearing down the runners. The runners eventually meet up with Rabbit after Mochizuki runs off, abandoning the mission. The team also meats up with Nanuk, a tribal who's not quite sane after seeing all the horrors. Together they brave a swampy lake infested with soul sucking leeches. Unfortunately, Nanuk doesnt make it out alive when the team gets ambushed by toxic owls and squirrels. Running out of pawns, the abomination attacks the runners itself and is bested. After the runners reach the mage's lodge. They had to fight off against an F8 nuclear spirit, an F8 sludge spirit and the mage himself who posed a significant challenge, but nothing the runners could not eventually defeat.

With some help from contacts the runners defused the bomb. Leaving the plutonium where it was, they took the orichalcum and escaped. On their way out they avoided the route which the UCAS national guard used to mount an assault on the location, to retrieve their property, unaware of the death of the mage. The dragon Kalanyr also flew over to the place having sensed the terrible danger and corruption plaguing the land. But the runner's mission as accomplished before then.


The team were able to successfully recover the mcguffin and escape before the wrath of the UCAS national guard and the dragon Kalanyr descended upon the plastic jungles. With the ritual disrupted, the storm disappeared. Seattle avoided a major disaster.


20,000 nuyen OR 40,000 nuyen worth of gear (upto avail 16) manufactured by SK or items with no manufacturer name. This includes weapons, armor, drones, RCCs, Cyberdecks, programs, magical juju and ware (including deltaware for mundanes), etc. 3 karma. +1 rep with SK as you return Lofwyr's favorite Dunklezahn orichalcum miniature.

Count Radio burned 1 edge and also gained mild addiction to Psyche.