Growing Demense

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Growing Demense
Part of Coronation
LocationTouristville, Redmond
Factions Involved
The Night Throne
Captain Boomerang
Amelie and Jean-Baptiste
Redmond Gangs
Redmond Infected


Runners are hired to either eliminate or recruit various groups to the J's faction.


Amelie and Jean-Baptiste have arrived in Seattle and have set out on an ambitious plan to secure territory for HMHVV infected. While they tout it as securing a safe Haven for those who still possess their minds, and are simply afflicted with disease - there is an ulterior motive. The twins wish to establish a power similar to most Syndicates and minor Corporations within Seattle. This will allow them to fufill their promise to their "constituents" while also developing a group of loyal followers and agents. To do this, however, they need to establish a solid base.

The Meet

The team meet Amelie within her new establishment "Underworld" - a nightclub within an abandoned car park, with the lowest basement level converted to be her throne room. Amelie tells the team about her dreams to unite the HMHVV of Redmond and beyond. Amelie offered the group 20,000 nuyen per runner for eliminating or recruiting 7 separate groups in Redmond. Glamour negotiates for a possible favor from the Johnson, as well as the ability to contact them in the future (essentially the ability to purchase the contact with a favor pre-loaded).

The Plan

The team recieves the location of various Gangs that Amelie wants dealt with, and the team checks in with some of their contacts to determine which group is which and what exactly they are. The targets are two gangs - The Valkyries and The Rippers, led by Kara and Jaxx respectively - then there is a sect of vampire wannabes and vampire worshipers.

The Run

The Team decides to split the group, with half going north to deal with Kara of the Valkyries and the Rippers, with the other half going off to deal with the Vampire wannabe group.Amusingly, the two groups were split perfectly male/female. Team blue (Esper, Glamour, Maek) head north and talk to Kara, discoveirng the gang is actually very charitable overall, and convince them that their goals align with Amelie's. They even sweeten the deal by agreeing to eliminate the Ripper gang - which is acomplished via a napalm spell and a lubricant grenade...needless to say all the Rippers burned to death...

Team Pink (Stygian, Cpt. Boomerang, Stormcrow) head to the suburbs to determine the viability of the cultists. They determine that the cult is being led by a sleazy lawyer (who was keeping Jaxx, leader of the rippers, form being prosecuted) and Stygian simply showed the cult leader the video of Amelie killing her own mother, and delivering an ultimatum of "Join or suffer the same fate". Both teams reunited in order to deal with the rest of the infected, Karl Mans and Graff proved to be dead ends, a Gnawer with connections to Tamanous and assistance with stealing bodies for the other group - and the latter being a goblin who abducts people to serve in his Deli. Needless to say both individuals were killed by the runners, however Stygian was scratched by a Ghoul in Graff's Deli - resulting in a prolonged hospital stay to fight off the infection.

When the runners came to Fred's home, they were met with a family unit of Banshee, Vampire, and Wendigo - all of which were happy enough to join Amelie, so long as employment was provided. The team could not formally recruit Kiera - who corrales Feral Ghouls in a bid to rehabilitate them - however the Team provided contact information for Amelie. The team decides to return to Amelie early, and the Vampire thanks them for their service.


Team returns to Amelie with their progress report, Some friendly assets were secured - some potentially more useful than others - and some decidedly troublesome factors eliminated. Elimination of Graff and Karl Mans eliminates competition, however doing so may alienate those who were aligned with them - as many sources of food for those infected are now gone.

Now that Amelie has secured her lands, she now needs to secure the safety and well being.


20,000 nuyen

4 karma


Potential to Buy Amelie and Jean-Baptiste at 4 connection 3 Loyalty.

Game Quotes

Player AARs


The Infected are a curious sort, souls bared to the noetic field by the influence of a psionogenic virus. What some do not realize is their might in physical space does not correspond with their psionic might, and so I was able to contain the ghouls without much trouble. I regret not being able to contain them sooner. I hope the gentleman... erm, Stygian, was it? He of the Styx. I hope he turns out okay. I was surprised to find myself useful in combat situations. I may be more versatile than I thought. Also, I learned that I can speak passable French. I... I don't remember practicing it. Erm... must have picked it up after falling asleep to watching foreign trids.

Maek (맥):

Huh, not sure how to spend this big favor the Queen owes me. The Arcana revealed the queen of cups reversed, which I think is meant to say that I shouldn't ask for a favor from her? The Arcana has a deep unfathomable will.


Getting the vampire queen to agree to a favor for all of us was a brilliant move on my part, if I do say so. I simply hope that uniting these gangs will improve my situation. Perhaps I can use this organization for help when Aztecnology inevitably comes knocking.

Captain Boomerang

Even I didn't think we'd steamroll so many gangs so easily. Amelie arranged for a good team. If she continues to be this crafty, I don't think the infected underworld will be enough for her.