Guns, I want them, you need them

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Guns, I want them, you need them
Crime Mall
Hell's Saviors
Casualties and losses
10 physical boxes 4 bikers


The runners got the guns back, and almost lost Cryo in the process


Crime mall caught an acute case of "No product to sell", runners were hired to fix it.

The Meet

The runners met at Crime Mall to find out they had to hunt down a stolen van full of military grade guns. The Johnson offered 10k which was negotiated to 14k

The Plan

The runners were investigating the van when they stumbled across it during their search.

The Run

Perk hacked the van to stop it, while Mack set up across the road with a rifle to take out the thieves. Unfortunately the thieves got the drop and put up a fight.


Nothing of value was lost.


14k nuyen 1 karma +1 Crime Mall faction rep

  • Purkinje WFTM 1 K → 2,000¥

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Purkinje's Report

Okay so first off, I just wanna say the Johnson's client's paranoia almost cost them thousands of nuyen. Usually paranoia leads people to crazy lengths to protect something, but in this case it backfired. We got a call on short notice about a missing shipment supposed to go to a Crime Mall vendor, and the supplier in flagrant violation of the law tore out the transport truck's transponder chip without even any sort of tracking chips on the merchandise. Somehow the lack of transponder chip didn't alert the police before the go-gangers found it. Anyway, he wanted the guns back. The team and I managed to emphasize the unusual circumstances and talk him up a few thousand nuyen.

We went to the crash site. Swarming with pawns, of course. I uh, distracted a couple of them so the team could take what they needed from the crime scene. Y'know, that's the whole reason I bought that Mortimer dress-coat combo. Glad it paid off. We found out the shipment had been jacked by go-gangers. Small-time, no idea who they actually were. I was able to get info on their car's transponder chip and track them down before they made off with the guns. I rerouted their pilot program to drive them into the barrens away from where they were heading, and with the help of the more combat-gifted, we managed to assault their hit squad and drive off with the Roadmaster carrying the goods. 100% recovery rate, though the Roadmaster rook some cosmetic damage. Good enough for the 14 grand.