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Part of 24 Karat Magic
LocationOrange Triangle Night Club
Factions Involved
Rambozo The Clown
Captain Boomerang
Cyber Snake
Vory or something
Maybe Yakuza


The team mudered a lot of syndicate members.


Igor is very tired and had had a lot of meetings before this one. Someone want syndicates dead because of drug dealings or something like that, its important that they are dead.

The Meet

The team met with very bored Johndon, Igor, who paid them literally just to go murder people in a bar, but avoid civilian casualties.

The Plan

Commence the murdering!

The Run

As they arrived at the night club, there was a massive line. The team ignored any stealthy option and the cyber snake proved to be the one with the shortest fuse. The Cyber Snake ate half of the bouncer causing mass panic scaring the civilians away. Tobias stormed inside on rocket legs, once inside he extended his Go Go Gadget legs, looking over the crowd and trying to tag any syndicate members. Snake entered next and bit the closest mafioso. Captain Boomerang threw his boomerang fatally embedding it into the face of one and unleashing its magic taking him out. Mars used her modified water-spraying KRIME Tingler on mafiosos and few civvies hoping to knock them down, it wasnt very sucessful. Proving that non-lethal was not the way to go. Rambozo decided to go around and flank them using a crowbar to open the door. They fired back but didn't even manage to scratch the team as they continued to murder them to death with a mix of assault cannon, assault rifle, fists and jaws. This did not last long.

As the dust settled, Ramby politely escorted civilians out, while Toby and Cyber discussed yeeting the snake onto second floor. Suddenly the roof got ripped off and white powder started falling, snowing novacoke and five HTR soliders dropped in. They were fast and well equipped, but Mars started the combat with a grenade thrown right at one, severely wounding him. Cyber Snake crunched his target's armor and ripping his wired reflexes, they responded in a simmilar fashion with gunfire and granades, knocking Cpt. Boomer out. Rambozo tried to spot the invisible one but changed his mind and wounded one more visible, Tobias went fisticuffs against one and injured him. During the carnage Mars placed a MedKit on Boomer's unconcious body to patch him up. The mage used Hot Potato on Mars' weapon but she did not mind at all. Novacoke snowfall began obscuring the vision but the Team didn't mind and contined making them not alive. Ramby reloaded his Alpha and let loose hail of handloaded Ex-Ex sealing HTR's retirement plans, Mars completly annihilated one and Tobi fisted another to death. Mage narrowly escaped death, mildly annoying the snake and tried to cast the mana bolt, it wasnt very effective. They where then swallowed whole.


As novacoke storm setteled and Cpt. Boomer woke up, Runners got eff outta dodge before more HTR show up, Ramby booped the snoot of the murder noodle. They called the bored Johnson and were paid in full, without a hitch.


  • 20.000 Nuyen
  • 4 Karma

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Cyber Snake

Ughhh... I ate so many dudes, I wont need to buy groceries for weeks, very good, very straightfoward job. Also Clown Rambozo sucesseded in booping the snoot, and J said I done good!

Captain Boomerang

Lesson learned. I need to do some training to make sure a grenade launcher doesn't get the drop on me next time. Got an idea, but... frag. Who am I gonna get to shoot grenades at me...


Holy drek. This night was epic. Finally no complicated scenario's or stealthy operations. We went in, kicked ass and chewed bubblegum (Ganger for snakes). At one point It felt like we hit a bonus area cause of the snowing novacoke. You might have misheard me and thought I said FALLING novacoke. There was so much novacoke it was SNOWING.