Hardcore Convenience Store

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Hardcore Convenience Store
LocationLarge Stuffershack in Puyallup
Factions Involved
Ice Cube


The runners are hired via matrix, to rob a large Stuffer Shack in Puyallup, at 10:30, and to record the whole event, then drop off the supplies at the designated location.

The Meet

The meet took place in the Haven Host, Mr. Johnson (Ziz, anonymous) agreed to pay 5000 nuyen for the supposed milk run, and after some negotiating, he threw in one favor each, from an associate.

The Plan

After scanning out the Shack, by pretending to be buyers, the team decided to create a fake bomb as a distraction, and activate it, when the Items in question were together. Then escape the scene, and drop off the supplies.

The Run

To everyone's surprise, the plan was executed perfectly, so the runners only had to deal with one unlucky security guard. He managed to get a good shot at Ice Cube, who distracted him so Turul can pack everything into the van, and the group left the area. A police cruiser was in the vicinity, but was no match for the rigger wheels. After making sure, they were in the clear, they delivered the package, and were paid proper.

The group also managed to procure three real Mango. Crone eat hers, while Turul shared his with Ice Cube, who's mango did not survived the escape.


The associate, who now owns three favors, turned out to be Leviathan. After meeting in person, Turul decided, to use his favor to ask the Vampire, to notify him, if MR J uses the recording for something against him.


5000 nuyen 5 karma 1 favor from Leviathan The satisfaction of eating Mango!

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This was a fairly simple run, and I got to make a fake 'suspicious looking package'. Perhaps I should learn actual demolitions though...


Sooo this was weird. I mean it was an actual milk run...like...no complications, no nothing...somethings up. The fact that we were recorded bothers me.