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LocationCrime Mall
Factions Involved
Chop Shop


Mrs. Johnson (Veronica) recently joined a new DocWagon HTR squad known as the "Untouchables" as one of the squad's Combat Medics, and everything was fine at first. But recently things have taken a turn and normal workplace hazing has escalated to dangerous levels, with the pranks now putting her life on the line. Deciding to get them before they get her, Veronica has approached the Haven to put out a hit on the rest of her squad.


Not a lot of background is provided by the Johnson. and with a less than 24 hour mission clock to work with not a lot of time is available to dig the info up. What is provided is that the Untouchables are a team of classic mean girls all named Heather. Heather A is the team's magical support, a Christian Theurge mage, Heather B is the teams second combat medic, and Heather C is the team's tech specialist. Veronica is also able to provide the most likely place to find the targets when they're off duty or on break, the Crime Mall.

The Meet

Veronica meets with the team at a bar downtown, showing up in full DocWagon uniform openly carrying her weapons and everything. Almost immediately she lays out that the job is to make sure she "never sees" her coworkers again as the on the job hazing has recently taken a dangerous turn, her team having replaced her ammo with paint rounds and tampered with her armor before shifts.

The Plan

Most of the team pushes to try to get a feel for targets to try for the disappear instead of a kill, so the team loads up and heads out to the crime mall. Once there they manage to easily find the targets as they are just hanging out in front of a Soybucks in full DocWagon HTR battle gear, but the approach stumbles a bit as no one feels comfortable approaching the heavily armed and armored Heathers. Eventually it's settle on to use Incubus Shroud to try to get an in with the group, and Valet is chosen as the team member to make an approach while Chop Shop and Mendacius set up in the parking lot for an ambush as a back-up.

The Run

The approach plan hits its first stumbling block when Valet's adopted daughter makes an appearance at the crime mall, putting the team down one member before they've even made contact with the targets. While Valet was dealing with her daughter, Mendacius and Chop Shop headed out to the parking lot to start some Matrix Searches and to be in position to launch an ambush if the targets started moving. In the mall the team tried to come up with an approach strategy and finally settled on putting an Incubus Shroud on Valet and sending her in to make contact. Not wanting to to make a direct approach, Valet headed for the interior of the Soybucks while passing flirty looks to the Heathers, but was prompty confronted by another DocWagon HTR member, Brad, just inside the door. To add an extra hitch, Brad failed his resistance to Incubus Shroud and appeared to be under the impression that Valet was Veronica.

With an extra body to deal with, and having identified the likely cause of the Heathers turning on Veronica, the team shifted strategy to plan B, the parking lot ambush. Valet lured Brad out first, the pair of them leaving being enough to lure out the Heathers as well. As the ambush approached spells and spirits were brought out and then it was on.

Brad went down easily enough to a sneaky shock hand, but the rest of the squad proved to be tough customers. Heather A went down fast in the initial barrage, but Heathers B and C turned out defensively solid if overwhelmed and unable to really put up much offensively. Heahter A managed to yoyo once due to a slap patch, but the fight was over half way through the second round of combat, but that was only with the Heathers unconscious, not dead. Sure that they trio had to have their own DocWagon contracts and thus had a second HTR team on the way, the team turned to trying to figure out how to kill the three they already had on hand. Heather's A and C died with some judicious application of bullets, but Heather B turned out to be made of far sterner stuff, surviving a shot through the eye and being engulfed in a Napalm Wall. Not wanting to waste too much more time with an impending HTR response, the other Heathers were quickly rolled for grenades, turning up an HE Grenade which was promptly shoved down Heather B's armor and detonated, answering the age old question of what will break first, the armor or the person inside.


The team managed to put down the HTR squad and break contact before the DocWagon responders could show up.


  • ¥26000
  • 3 Karma
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

"The silence is in character" - multiple people

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Chop Shop

It was amateur hour for the word go. The Johnson showed up waving her employment in a public place and didn't even bother to secure the area before launching into a murder for hire scheme. A straight forward wetwork job almost immediately became more complicated as the rest of the team decided they would rather try to make friends than make money, but given the amount of time the J had given them that was unlikely to happen. At least this approach and make nice was likely to lead to a good straight forward shoot-out so they could get paid and get home in time for dinner. Getting to the Crime Mall was easy enough, but the first recon made it clear that at least the targets had some professionalism as they were PAN'd and running silently at least and seemed to have at least some situational awareness even if they were sitting out in the open, in the Crime Mall, plastered in corporate logos. Leaving the approach and make nice plan to the people that wanted to try that approach, I turned my attention to getting what I could off of the matrix while still making it clear that a simple bullet to the head could get them paid and home with a whole lot less fuss. The rest of the team however disagreed, so there we waited while they tried to come up with an approach, further delayed by Valet having to rush off on personal business half way through the planning. As the planning spiraled down the drain it became clear that that shooting them was going to be the go to plan, so out to the bike to retrieve the rifle I went. Mendacius decided to tag along and on the way offered his car as a place to try to do some matrix searches while the contact team got their plan together. Fine with me, but first to set up a sniper nest in the backseat with the window down so the rounds wouldn't be interfered with and so hopefully any return fire would go into the car and not me. I'm not getting paid to bleed. The contact plan quickly spiraled into a honey pot plan as Valet managed to accidentally seduce a forth member of the squad we hadn't been told about by the Johnson, and finally the rest of the team was on board with plan lots of bullets. The only male member of the Heathers was lured out and off towards the DocWagon van in the packing lot while the other Heathers trailed them, and right as they crossed from the front doors of the Crime Mall, the ambush was sprung. Things went a little longer than I liked, the three Heathers taking nearly ten seconds to succumb to the team's concentrated firepower, though apparently the rest of the team was split between punching the Heathers and spell casting, but eventually we had three downed but the last of the Heather just would not die. Riot though he had the answer and engulfed her in a wall of fire that barely scorched the chrome, but everyone knew the proper response to a hard case like this. Shoeing Riot off i rifled the pockets of Heather C, turning up an HE Grenade which was quickly slaved and then shoved inside of Heather B's armor. A quick command as I climbed on my bike rendered that problem moot and according to the chrono I'd still make it in time for happy hour as the team reported the successful mission.