Hey, Leave the kids alone

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Hey, Leave the kids alone
LocationRedmond Barrens
Cyber Knight
Evans Doyle
Scary Clown
Spirit of Man
Casualties and losses
none 10 Standard Clowns, 1 Mage Clown, 1 Spirit of Man


Team shot up the place killing all of the gangers and scaring the children


The Meet

Due the increased gang activity in the area Johnson called a meet up in a german bar named Übermensch, the Johnson himself was a strange fella wearing a sock over his head but he did pay the team 10.000 in front for the run. He gave us a week to do it and a condition not to harm the children.

The Legwork

Legwork consisted of sending Wildman’s eye seeing rat to  scout the place. Rat sneaked into the kitchen but it was spotted by one of the gangers whose scream alerted others that there’s a rat on the loose  and was almost crushed by another Clown ganger,with rat hiding Wildman summoned a spirit of rat just to face a barrier, this did not sit well with Wildman so he shifted into a bear and after Dr. Trauma made the team invisible they charged in.

The Plan

There never was a plan.

The Run

The team went thru the kitchen, wildman charged past the first one and failed to swipe the next closest ganger, Cyber Knight followed and after soaking up the hail of bullets decided to make things a bit more interesting and removed some of his armour. Dr Trauma shot the cook clown with his crossbow and Doyle finished him of with a headshot. Cyber Knight used his dragon jaw punch technique and crushed the solar plexus of the unluck one in front of him. Wildman after dealing with his clown he summoned a Spirit of Beast to aid the team. Another clown ganger managed to sctrach Cyber Knight but he met his end form Dr. Trauma and Doyle’s bullets. Four gangers over the food counter shared the same fate as their compatriots. In peak of his inteligence Doyle opened a door without checking and met with Spirit of Man, a Mage and a ganger to blast him. Needless to say they hit him good and beret wearing spirit put fear into him making him flee, team got in them a second later and Cybrer Knight punched the spirit back into the astral plane but the mage used control thoughts on Wildman, making him intercept a punch ment for the mage from the Cyber Knight. With fire from Doyle and Dr. Trauma those two gangers met their end and Wildman smashed the mage to a pulp.


The Johnson was suprised at how quickly the team pulled out the job and mildly disgusted at their display of violence and traumazinig the children


  • Karma:  1
  • Nuyen:  20.000
  • CDP +2

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Cyber Knight: Some goddamn clowns were trying hurt some kids. Not on my watch. After the slicing and dicing I did to the scatterbrains they wont be fooling around anytime soon.
Dr.Trauma: Yeah definitely not my best work they're young so hopefully the kids will move on at some point.