Hitting Them Where It Hurts

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Hitting Them Where It Hurts
Part of Against all odds - The OtherCon story
LocationSalish-Shidhe Council
Result Runner victory
Factions Involved
OtherCon Shadowhaven Evo
Commanders and leaders
Tanya Rook
"Dandy" Dale Hardin
EVO Security
Casualties and losses


The runners are gathered by Tanya the Squirrel Girl - an OtherCon representative - to get blackmail data on Evo from one of their black sites,


The crew assemble to meet Tanya, a Squirrel Form changeling, who explains that Evo has been getting out of hand recently, and that OtherCon needs leverage against them. To that end, having discovered the location of one of their black sites, the runners were hired to extract the data - or the server it was contained on - from the black site, to the tune of 14000 nuyen each ... and a hug from Tanya.

The runners decided that, because a black site devoted to human experimentation is Evil, and because FragFace hates Evo with a burning passion, that they were going to destroy the black site. To that end, they bought 20 kg of TNT and stuck it in a fake server box, to replace the existing server, rigging it to blow when someone tried to access it. While the team debated just sending in FragFace to murder everyone while the rest of the team stole the server, it was decided that they would take the subtle approach, and let FragFace go on a rampage once the team was discovered.

For legwork, Waspkeeper was able to do a matrix search to find blueprints for the black site, leftover from when it was being constructed, in addition to getting a rough idea of its defenses. Dandy, looking through his favorite blog sites, found a video by DarkReaper69 that detailed a swampy path across the border that the team could take in order to bypass normal patrol routes.

When they arrived at the site, Makon Astrally projected - first taking out the watcher spirits with his pet spirit of man, and then using the blueprints Waspkeeper had found to locate and suffocate the security spider - who was a literal spider-morph changeling (Fucking Evo...). Unfortunately, the poor spider was able to send out a cry for help before he passed out from asphyxiation. While this didn't raise the alarm completely, it did alert the guards. Waspkeeper disabled the alarm system on the fence, and the team entered the facility, with no Spider to watch the cameras.

Where things went wrong is when, through a window into a lab, FragFace discovered a Nocturna scientist working. Overcome with a desire to punish all Evo scientists for the wrongs that had been done to him, he snuck up on the unwitting scientists and subdued him, for later interrogation. Unfortunately, this caused a lot of noise as the scientist disturbed a rack of glass vials, which alerted the guards. Combat ensued, with the guards being brutally slaughtered - mostly by FragFace, but everyone else got a guard or two as well. After the scuffle, the server was extracted, and the team was able to flee via vehicle before reinforcements from Evo could arrive, and evaded pursuit thanks to Dandy's stealthy driving skills.


Tanya thanked the runners for their efforts, and gave them their rewards. FragFace is now at -26 Rep with Evo.


+2 OtherCon rep

+4 Karma

¥14,000 Nuyen

1 hug from Squirrel Girl






So...That was terrifying. The mission itself seemed relatively straightforward, and it wasalways nice to disrupt and bother Mega's, even in a minor fashion. He had to get better working with others, especially controlling the hits for support spells. Still, he was able to contribute, which was the main thing....at least at first.

But....just seeing what some runners were capable of....especially FragFace. It was like something out a primal realm or a trid. He could punch through buildings. He suspected as long as he might train, he would never be able to do that. Not that he wanted to. And not thing, if he could truly master the spirit arts would he need to. That wasn't really the concern.

No, the issue was if runners could do that....what did the Mega's have in store. He had to revise his estimates.

Watching them all burn might take longer than he thought.


Howler wasn't happy. An all out assault was too risky for her tastes. And there was just something about Frag Face that was unsettling. The way he waded into a fight with little regard for his own safety was... Unnerving. The job was done, no doubt about that, but it could have very easily gone bad.