Hostile Highway

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Hostile Highway
LocationTacoma, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Knight Errant
The Hot-Rodder from Hell
KE Patrol
Casualties and losses
5 KE Patrol Officers


Obtain a vehicle shipment from KE.


Johnson wants a shipment of new Dodge/Ares vehicles inbound for KE delivered to him instead.

The Meet

Runners met with the Johnson in a backalley club to discuss the job. The Johnson and his guards were covered head to toe and could not be identified, Runners accepted the job and were given the routes and paid in advance.

The Plan

Set up an ambush for the KE convoy, using jammers, explosives and strips.

The Run

Plan went off without a hitch, the killbox set up by Flyboy, HotRodder, Roadie and W!ndsong was incredibly effective and took the convoy by surprise allowing them to take out the officers quickly.


Johnson got his vehicles and covered up the incident for the Runners.


- 16k nuyen + 2k from negotiation

- 2 Karma

- An awesome Trid

- A box of doughnuts

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Holyyyy drek this went really well! Way better than I was expecting. The kill-zone that we established was incredibly successful, big glowing reviews to Hot Rodder and Roadie for helping that all come together incredibly well. KE, as usual, were incredibly supportive by letting us throw all that noise at them. Bonus points to the one officer with the guts to try and shoot at us after we geeked his mates. Oops. Least it looked cool as all frag!


Damn, its been quite some time since I have seen a run so smooth and coordinated... well done guys, well done!


Good job everyone, shot a few fraggers, recorded a vid, pissed of KE, sounds like a good time to party hard tonight

The Hot-Rodder from Hell

Such a smooth run. Lots of chunky salsa painted across a few KE vehicles. Shame I couldn't bag one of those Chargers for myself. Haha!