Hot Action Cop - Doom Boom

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Hot Action Cop - Doom Boom
Factions Involved
Commanders and leaders
Casualties and losses
3 EVO Bodyguards


Our intrepid runners are hired to help out a besieged ex-NeoNET camp in the barrens. A new Johnson and things left unsaid.


The Shadowhaven app notifies our three runners that the Johnson meet is in Redmond Monday morning at 9 am. At the appointed time Ms. Johnson brings the runners back to her office to discuss the terms of the job. She needs a kidnapping performed. The ex-NeoNET camp is running low on resources and the camp is under siege by the 405 Crushers. The team agrees to kidnap EVO chief engineer Ivanna Zaleski for 20,000 nuyen, 10,000 nuyen upfront. Mirage scours the matrix for information on the target. Carbon checks out Kathrine's Vodka and Buterbrod Checkpoint Bar in Touristville, a favorite destination for Ivanna. Crosley calls Rhonda Savage and finds out that the bar is a special meeting hub for EVO execs and Vory members. Carbon finds out that the security at the bar is low. Mirage finds out where Ivanna lives, her kleptomania, age, and penchant for charity events. Mirage calls on one of his contacts to find out Ivanna's schedule. In addition to the bar, the target can be found at an orphanage, school, and clinic. The team decides on the clinic as both the orphanage and school are filled with children.

The team prepares. Carbon plants high explosive grenades around the clinic, Crosley is waiting across the street with the car and Mirage is in position in the back. The Ivanna arrives with 4 bodyguards. Crosley directs his illusion of gangers shooting up the front of the clinic. Then the explosions go off. The Ivanna's security pulls her out of surgery and out the back into Mirage and Carbon's trap. Carbon quickly dispatches two guards and almost kills the third. The last living bodyguard and Ivanna run back inside the clinic. Mirage and the final guard engage in a gunfight while Carbon uses her incredible speed to catch up to and clinch Ivanna. After some struggling Ivanna gets in the car, Crosley knocks her out with stick-n-shock Mirage jumps in the Ford Americar and they are off before EVO HTR can catch them.

During the getaway Mirage makes a call to Septu the safehouse master. The team hides out for 2 days while the heat dies down. Mirage then makes contact with Ms. Johnson about where to drop off Ms. Zaleski. It turns out she thought the team of runners would handle the ransom negotiations with EVO for the return of their Chief Engineer. Mirage sets Ms. Johnson straight and she handles the ransom.


Ms.Johnson realizes that nothing in life is free and grows in her role as Johnson. EVO gets their Chief Engineer after spending a lot of nuyen and lays 3 guards to rest.


+3 NeoNET rep

+3 Karma

¥20,000 Nuyen