Hunter's Society

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In Seattle the FBI scrambles to find a group of serial killers that refer to themselves as the Hunter's Society. Their MO is to try to kill the hardest targets possible in the most difficult ways possible. Whichever one impresses their leader the most is given a high end piece of kit to assist them in their specific style. The FBI is being stonewalled by a web of corrupt judges, DAs, FBI Directors, blackmail, and leads suddenly dying. Desperate, they manage to secure a Carte Blanche to hire runners to destroy the group before they get out of hand.



All rise

The FBI hasn't changed much in over a hundred years. They've been tasked with closing the case on the Hunter's Society, and are being stonewalled. They've been giving a blank check from the local FBI Director to "Assist in closing out cases before the end of the year". The real purpose is obvious. Hire Runners and nail the Hunter's Society. They will not, under any circumstances, accept collateral of innocent bystanders. Doing so will get a runner immediately blacklisted from future job offers.


  • Dismantle the Hunter's Society through investigation and arrests.
  • Prevent excessive collateral.
  • Take as many of them alive as possible for proper trial.

Hunter's Society

A group of violent serial killers operating throughout America, but mostly in Seattle. Lead by a very polite, wealthy businessman named Timothy Heimirsson. Most of them are well connected, influential, wealthy, skilled in killing single targets, and completely amoral. They've caught heat after their last killing - the slaughter of a family in broad daylight. Under normal circumstances It'd make the news. A heavily 'wared man on Kamikaze tearing people to shreds. It was suppressed as much as possible, but their connections can only go so far. The next monthly gathering is coming, during which the one who's killed the most powerful target in the most brazen way will be rewarded. With the violence escalating as each member tries to outdo the last attack, they have to be stopped as soon as possible.


  • Continue the monthly gatherings
  • Members want to outdo the previous killing, will commit horrific acts if not caught.


Horizon is none too pleased about the last slaughter, as the father of the family was a Horizon exec. Horizon was surprised to find that despite their own extensive connections they still couldn't pull enough strings to get a full scale investigation put against the Society. Frustrated, they'll hire runners to violently dispose of suspected members. To them, collateral is just an acceptable loss of customers.


  • Destroy the Hunter's Society by any means necessary