Hunting Aoki Hidemori

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Hunting Aoki Hidemori
Status Threat Level: Semi-Prime/Low
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Shotozumi-Rengo
Aoki Hidemori
3 Goons
Casualties and losses
Aoki Hidemori
Semi-Prime for Carbon and Low for Funk


Naheka contacts Carbon to assassinate Aoki Hidemori, who was part of the Naheki-Rengo and is currently defecting to the Shotozumi-Rengo. She calls in Funk to help with investigation.


Carbon has, in the past, worked for Naheka to destroy an MCT black site. Once Naheka learned of Aoki Hidemori's defection, he wanted Carbon's assistance as she had impressed him previously.

The Meet

Naheka has Carbon meet him in the matrix and promises to reward her for bringing him Aoki Hidemori's head. She agrees, and goes to investigate.

The Run

She heads to the Everette docks and questions some of the dock-workers, one of which eventually gives up that her target was here and left with a Shotozumi-Rengo enforcer. After scaring the daylights out of him, she pays him a little nuyen and contacts Funk for assistance.

Funk proceeds to do a matrix search on any mentions of Aoki Hidemori, and finds some data trails that all lead to a laundromat's host. Inside, he finds that there are is a hidden host inside as well as a spider that looks scarier than they should for such an establishment. He hacks the interior host and finds the files Carbon needs on Aoki's location, but not before he's spotted. He manages to just barely get out before reinforcements arrive, while also scrubbing his matrix signature from the hosts. He then gives Carbon the data on the safe house Aoki is hiding in.

Carbon, using the information Funk got, narrows it down to two buildings in Everette. She stakes out the location and eventually sees a Candy Man go into one of the buildings. She remains hidden and goes back the next night to deal with Aoki.

She sneaks up to the building and picks the lock open, and immediately throws in a pepper punch grenade onto the table where Aoki and three Shotozumi-Rengo goons are playing cards. Aoki does Not Like That, and charges at her. There is an epic sword fight while the three goons try desperately to help Aoki fight the intruder. Their efforts, however, are in vain as they miss all of their shots and a High-Explosive grenade does absolutely nothing to Carbon (or Aoki). They break and run, and eventually Aoki does as well as he realizes he's about to lose. As he's running, Carbon extends her sword and clips off his head.


Carbon catches the head out of the air and manages to get to her bike. The goons are unable to call for help due to the pepper punch, and she rides down to downtown hiding the head in her cloak between her legs. Naheka's agent is pleased and pays Carbon for a job well done, as well as Funk for assisting.




  • 4 karma - 4 RVP
  • 8k nuyen - 4 RVP
  • 2 CDP

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