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LocationThe Foundation of a Host
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Bio and Tech Host Foundation
Denizens of the Foundation
Host IC
Casualties and losses
none A Robot, some IC and an Alien Ape


A Group of Matrix specialists is tasked with finding a piece of archived data. They brute force the job and still manage to get out alive


An Employer is looking for a set of data used in Gene and biotechnology, presumed pre-sentience

The Meet

The Team meets up with the J at the Bright Star bar after exchanging the codephrase. THey enjoy a good meal of real meat and other foods while they get briefed on the matter, to get a certain set of data labeled "Gene Mapping-First Intelligent Allele Tracer" or GM-Fiat for short. Its stored in a sparlsy used Corporate host which is ultimately owned by EVO.

The Plan

1. Get in

2. Grab the File

3.Get out

The Run

The Team enters the Host only for Ice to be immediately be spotted by the Patrol Ic which in turn gets shut down quickly by the Team. In the Host the team first searches for the files in hopes of them not being in hte Archive but to no avail. After avoiding the Patrol IC a second time, this time successfully, the Team instead searches for the Foundation entrance. Its guarded by IC and after a short shotout between Probe, Binder, Crash and the Team, the Runners manage to enter the Foundation.

Heracles and Wildfire end up at the same spot, a big pile of bones in what seems to be a jungle. After a quik evaluation Heracles tells Wildfire that their appearance right now might cause a ruckus inthe FOundation and advises to changing their appearance. They discover a track of footsteps which they follow through the jungle. Ice finds herself next to a pile of boxes just outside what seems to be a spaceship on the edge of a jungle. They start to stake out the place around the ship and after discovering a group of tacks leading into the jungle Ice follows the trail.

Heracles and Wildfire catch up to a lonly robot walking through the jungle but decide to remain hidden and to follow the Robot unseen, which they manage to do. Ice having troubl follwing the tracks because of their Lich King Persona disrupting the envroinment, runs into a group of 4 individuals which are not intimidated by Ice´s presence and instead try to capture her with a net. As the Robot arrives the foundation has a severe Variation which turns the crew and the robot hostile agaisnt the LIch king. Luckily Heracles and Wildfire can catch up and in the ensuing fight they manage to destroy the robot and knock one of the crew unconscious, the rest of the crew flees the scene. The destruction of the Robot did not please the foundation and the fauna starts to grow more rapidly. Quick thinking gets Heracles the idea that the pile of bones must´ve been a Node and since its the only one near right now the team heads back. They get attacked by some kind of Alien Ape but Wildfire knocks the animal out cold. The pile turns out to be the Archive andafter Heracles and Wildfire failed their attempts, which furthered the growth of plants to a dangerous level, Ice manages to find and copy the file. Desperate to find a way out now Ice mentions the spaceship and the team decides to check it out in hops of it being the portal. They manage to get back to the ship but it is closed up now. After failing to find a way inside Heracles pupeteers the spaceship and the ramp opens. Inside they find a map of the area written and labeled in a alien language. Still they decide to get to the control room, which is guarded by one of the crewmembers. Yet again Wildfire handles the situation and sends the guard to the ground. The Control room is indeed the portal node, Heracles places down an Anchor and after Wildfire has some fun actually getting the spaceship to start and fly, the team leaves the foundation as the spaceship begins to malfunction.


The datachip is deposited at the dropoffpoint in the dead of night and after a good nights sleep the team wakes up with a bigger number on their bank account.


  • 12+4k Nuyen
  • 5 Karma
  • 2 CDP
  • The Option to take "Better on the Net [Attack]" out of the 11 RVP

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