Infestation Uncovered in Outremer

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Date: 2081-12-08 By: Resistor

Infestation Uncovered in Outremer

Late in the evening on the 7th, a strike team breached a compound owned and operated by nuYou. In the basement of the facility, the team discovered and eradicated an Invae host. If you're aware of Bug City and the Chicago disaster in 55, you're aware of the threat we're under now.

Initial reports align with what are known as fly spirits. If correct, that's but a minor relief, my readers. While these are usually solitary, a shaman capable of summoning such a spirit into a metahuman body is still required. What does this mean for us?

First, don't get work done at nuYou. Face sculpting is one thing, but this company is clearly dabbling in biological modification ranging from dangerous to outright insane. If this is an isolated incident, the parties involved need to be brought to justice; if it's widespread, the entire company needs to be purged and any employee in the know needs to face dire consequences for their complacency.

Second, insect Shaman have made their way to Seattle. One or a hundred, the danger for a hive is one that cannot be ignored. You cannot reason with Invae. They cannot be integrated into society. They are not victims of the HMHVV who still retain their metahumanity. Even if it was a fly spirit this time, what will it be the next?

Invae are a blight that must be eradicated.

I take no pleasure in loss of life, and every metahuman lost is a tragedy. But, by the time the Invae bursts free, that life has already been lost, and--without a swift reaction--more will follow suit.

S-K, Aztechnology, nuYou, and these other corps do not care about your well-being; they care about squeezing every drop of money and power from the souls of their employees and customers until nothing exists but the pulp of society. It's up to us to rise up and protect our brothers and sisters because--unless it hurts their bottom line--these orgs and our joke of a government won't do it.

Stay safe. Stay Vigilant. Resist!

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