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Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Sea Breeze
Shadow People
Ironclad Character1
Casualties and losses


Ironclad is forced to face some of his fears by some mysterious force plaguing Sea Breeze's home.


Sea Breeze requested Ironclad's assisstance to moving to her new house, both got drunk and were effected by negative forces plaguing her house.

The Meet

Ironclad met Sea Breeze at her home to help her move, she offered alcohol (This is before his therapy and promise to Crossfire). Both got drunk and wandered into a Lodge where they passed out.

The Plan

As if

The Run

Ironclad woke up about 50 years earlier in a pub he used to frequent back in Glasgow. He's in the bathroom, washing his face, though when he looks in the mirror he seems to be in his late 20's/early 30's. He wandered the bar, finding many patrons who recognised him, and called him by his real name. Notably, Jenny, the bartender who insisted he was drunk as he panicked. He storms out of the bar to find himself in his home of Glasgow, this is where he faces his first fear. He wandered around town before eventually finding the year was 2030, the year the Eurowars began, and stumbling into his parent's home where he had to face his 3 brothers who he had lost in the wars. The second fear came in the form of his wife and children who he had to leave to go fight, though he did remark that (other than the obvious) this place felt wrong. His wife tried to convince him to stay, though adamant that she wasn't real (reinforced by the fact that he didn't see his kids anywhere) decided to leave where he stepped out into a flashback of [REDACTED] where he had garnered a phobia for jet engines. He watched as an unseen jet flew by (almost triggering a flashback, but he kept his composure) and dropped a bomb, where a slow explosion creeped it's way in front of him.

He eventually woke up again, but back at the bar where Jenny was again insisting he was drunk. He immediately stormed out, after the shock had worn off, though opening the front doors lead him not to Glasgow, but Seattle. This seemed to be modern-day Seattle, and as such he went to explore Sea Breeze's homes (who he believed knew how to fix this) though she was nowhere to be found. Through this whole endeavor he remained in his early 30's until he came to Sea Breeze's new cabin he helped her move into. He easily got into the property, where he encountered something in this (now proven) haunted home. They called him boring, so he told them where they could shove their entertainment.

He then woke up again, this time on Sea Breeze's floor. And after confirming he was in the right time, he got right up and left immediately (Possibly upsetting Sea Breeze in the process). Though this did finally convince him to go the therapy clinic suggested by Crossfire.


Ironclad got away with some burdens lifted, and this pushed him to get the help he needed.


- 10 Karma

- 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


You know when you have a stinkin' hangover, and you decide "I'm never drinking again!" and it's usually a lie? Well today has convinced me I need less drink and more help... so I'm doing just that.. and fuck those shadow guys who called me boring, twats!