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Shotozomi Clan
AKA "Neon Chrysanthemum"
TypeOrganized Crime Syndicate
Player May JoinYes
Area of OperationSan Francisco

Faction Information


The Karatsa-gumi is one of the clans of the Shotozomi yakuza rengo. They are known for two primary things: being extremely violent, and having distinctive, bioluminescent yakuza tattoos. They will do whatever it takes to get their way with no regard for collateral damage so long as their actions do not anger the Japanacorps.


  • Recover from wartime losses
  • Profit from typical yakuza activities
  • Do the Japanacorps' bidding

Major Locations

  • Downtown (excluding Chinatown)
  • South City




As a member of the Shotozomi-rengo, the Karasta-gumi cooperates with other clan members such as the Shotozomi-gumi of Seattle. It is also allied with the Japanacorps, which hold considerable power in San Francisco.


The Karasta-gumi is notably opposed by the local Black Chrysanthemum triad, which saw gains in San Francisco due to its silent cooperation with the anti-Saito resistance during the Protectorate era. Though it lacks the strength to take it back by force, it is recovering.

Current Status

Health Summary

The Karatsa-gumi broke away from the Watada-rengo along with the Shotozomi-gumi in the 2060s, after which it supported the Saito regime and its metahuman genocide policy. They backed the wrong horse, however; Saito withdrew in disgrace in 2068, and the Karatsa-gumi was gradually fought back by armed rebels, who allowed the sympathetic Black Chrysanthemum triad to fill the power vacuum. Today, they have no influence in the East Bay (Oakland and Fremont districts) or Silicon Valley, and they do not have total control of Downtown or South City. They continue to have the support of the Japanacorps, who remain major players in the sprawl despite tacitly supporting the wrong side themselves.






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ShadowGrid Comments

These guys are nasty, like something out of a splatter trid. If you see a warm glow in a dark alley, just walk away. -- glitzkrieg