Katy Perry - Swish Swish (Part 2)

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Katy Perry - Swish Swish (Part 2)
Result Victory; Broadcast interrupted. Basketball Player successfully retrieved.
Factions Involved.
Aztechnology Horizon
Commanders and leaders
Casualties and losses
None None


Horizon's star basket ball player had been blackmailed by Aztechnology into playing for them.
Crosley's Mentor Spirit, The Oracle, warns that this run is more than what it seems.


Our runners were invited to an upscale whiskey bar. To Mirage's chagrin, the Johnson was all too eager to be "the fifth member of the team". The Mission: disrupt Aztechnologies Public Relations stunt at the Seattle Convention Centre involving the former Horizon Player. If possible, retrieve the player to "renegotiate" their contract; extra Nuyen to keep the run non-lethal. The Johnson was willing to get as much gear as needed for the runners; far too appeasing to be trusted.


After gaining building plans and information on the security personnel working the event, our team attempted, and failed, to find an Aztech Security Head and replace him with Brieagon in disguise. This failure lead to the heightening of Aztech security surrounding the event, and putting a 20,000 Nuyen reward for our shadowrunners.

After consulting with The Wolf and Oracle Spirits, they came up with the plan to cause as much Chaos in the Convention Centre as possible. They sent out false alarms around the area concerning the event, overwhelming the Aztech Security.

Brieagon disguised herself as a janitor. She picked up grenades left by a stealthy Carbon, and placed them around the facility in order to blow up both the generators, to stop the broadcast, and low impact areas of the Convention Centre to keep the crowd frightened and alive.

Carbon simply stealthed in and smuggled in the grenades. She provided backup and got rid of a pesky Sanitation Supervisor hassling Brieagon. Once all hell broke loose, she acted as "extra security" for the now frightened Basketball player escaping to safety.

Crosley posed as a spectator. When the grenades went off, he cast Trid Phantasm, causing terrible illusions of Cihuateteos, Aztec ghosts of legend - women who became demons after dying during childbirth, to appear, further humiliating Aztechnology at their own PR event.

Mirage infiltrated the event as a reporter. When chaos struck, he persuaded the security around the Basketball player to abandon their charge to pursue an unseen "Shadowrun Team"; they unwittingly left him in the hands of Carbon and a Horizon mole, posing as a security guard.

Our runners escaped in the chaos, delivering the mark to the Johnson. No casualties, mission successful.



16000 nuyen, 3 karma, +1 Rep Horizon

Player AARs


To the Sanitation Supervisor - you need to treat Billy better. Seriously. I talked to him at the bar the other night and he really doesn't like you giving him so much shit. Anyway, sorry about the arrow in the back, by the way. That wasn't me. I hope you feel better and don't become a blood sacrifice!! <3
But seriously, my team was pretty great.
P.S. Man, Aztechnology is scary. Fuck that shit.


WFTP 10000 nuyen to 5 karma

"I don't see what the big deal is, blood sacrifices are pretty tame compared to some of the other things corps can do to you. Yes, I'm speaking from experience here."


This run started off well enough. The meet was at some really nice whiskey bar at 10 in morning! Never to early to start drinking I suppose. Anyway, The J was a real chummy guy, worked for Horizon said he wanted to get some sports star PR (public relations) account back from Aztechnology that poached him. After hammering out terms and conditions we were off. No killing and to use the phrase 'crushcrushcrush' so we didn't kill any of his spies on accident. Aww man, poor Brie, she tried calling the Aztech guy in charge of the event trying to get him outta the arcology, but he saw through that. Guess he didn't want to be a blood sacrifice, oh well I called Rhonda and she told me Aztech was offering 20k nuyen and she wanted a 20% cut if I turned her in. I decided against it, that's no way to go having your body and soul devoured by demons. Oracle kept throwing rocks in my brain telling me that there was more to this run than meets the eye and to be careful. Brie's mentor told her to ramp up the attacks. Which the team did. A couple burner commlinks and some nuyen meant that Aztechnology was flooded with false tips and leads. The day of the event arrives and my role was to hype up the chaos with a powerful illusion. I've been reading up on Aztec mythology and settled upon the Cihuateteo's. Malevolent spirits of women who died in childbirth. The grenades go off the power shuts down and the crowd was in shock, and now it was time to bring the horror. So my illusions spread over the convention center. After the target was secured I ended the illusion scrubbed my signature and ran away. All in all, not a bad day's job.

Oh, I forgot to mention the horrible safehouse we went to, next time I'm picking the spot!

WFTP 10,000 nuyen < 5 karma