Ke$ha - TiK ToK

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Ke$ha - TiK ToK
Result The office of Dreambinder Engineering is broken into, a party is thrown that is wild, but not front page of the news wild.
Factions Involved
Students of University of Washington
Students of Seattle University
Seattle Night Life
Hard Corps
Commanders and leaders
Rogatty Vydra
Molly Carney
Casualties and losses
None None


Molly Carney has gotten access to dad's funds, and decide to host the coolest party of the year (so far). When a bit wasted, she and her friends decide to hire extra security for this party. Enter runners.


Meet happens at a bar and club downtown. The team shows up and meets their employer, clearly a bit drunk by this point. The team negotiates for a bit of extra pay from the clearly-out-of-her-league Johnson, gets pointed in the direction of the building they need to get the party set up at.


Vydra gets accosted trying to take one of the bar's stools with him, ends up helping stop someone from trying to get out of the bar without paying. Team heads over to the building, and discusses a plan for a bit on how to get security out of the way. The team decides on a bribery route. Going in, the team manages to convince the on-duty security to talk to them. In exchange for a bit of nuyen and having a fall guy for why security features weren't working, the guards would be willing to look the other way. There was a bit of discussion on a fall guy, and the team finds someone who the Vory have 'issues' with who would work as the fall guy. Setting him up for the 'hack', the party begins. The team deals with a few hardcore dealers by tossing them onto their hoops out of the party with plenty of bruises, and apart from that, the party goes off well.



Player AARs


12000 Nuyen 2 Karma , 10500 Nuyen after costs


12000 Nuyen 2 Karma , 10500 Nuyen after costs


12000 Nuyen 2 Karma , 10500 Nuyen after costs