Kevin, Lines?

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Kevin, Lines?
LocationRedmond, Renton
Factions Involved
Mysterious Black Car
Casualties and losses
One spirit


Daji and Baron go across Seattle to find a missing actress who's been hanging around a Cutters bar recently, and end up bailing her out of jail. On their way to return her, they shake off a surprise spirit attack and a pursuing black Jackrabbit. Delivering her to the director, they leave her in his capable (?) hands.


Megan Osterman, the lead on a Touristville production of No Points, has been receiving weird threats on her P2.1 recently, alluding to her frankly normal drug habits. Ignoring these, she gets snatched by the Neighbourhood Watch as she indulges in the aforementioned drug habits. Her director, worried about the threats and unsure as to where exactly she might be, hires a couple of shadowrunners to deal with it.

The Meet

Since the director knows about the threatening messages Megan received before disappearing and is a busy man, the meet's at his office at the theatre in Redmond where the performance will be held. The team uses a combination of Improved Invisibility and stealth (and Narcoject in a pen) to sneak in through the back and get into his office. Since they've put in this effort, the put-upon director accedes to Daji's request for more money please, although he's operating on a pretty stringent budget right now. Such is the way of things in theatre.

Warning the team that Megan's been dealing with what he assumes are stalkers, the director sends them off to the Green Mist in Renton, a bar Megan was known to frequent, giving them a basic description and an image of her in costume. Noting her rather banged-up datajack, they drive off to Renton in Daji's Comet.

The Run

At the Green Mist, the team notices a somewhat deflated atmosphere and a few broken windows. The bartender, when Daji tries to get into the back room, is mostly just confused, since the Mist doesn't have one. Her purchasing a couple of expensive glasses of strong hurlg smooths this over, and she and Baron manage to squeeze out that the bar was recently hit by the local Neighbourhood Watch, and that many who were there that night were apprehended and passed over to K.E. Recognizing the picture of Megan, he lets slip that she was one of those who were there that night, though he personally was not present to witness any apprehension on her part.

At the rather small nearest precinct, directed by Daji's mapsoft, the Baron notices a watcher spirit outside, which means that their strategy will have to rely much less on magic. On the inside, they note the generally empty environment. While the disinterested clerk on duty stone-walls Daji's attempts at emotional manipulation, Baron's fake private investigator license gets them access to Megan's cell and they split her ¥1000 bail two ways. On the drive back to her place so she can change, Daji notices the team being tailed by a black Jackrabbit. Baron, after summoning a spirit to attack them, finds himself in the midst of an astral combat as it notes a small spirit of beasts that has been following the shadowrunners for an indeterminate amount of time. Projecting into the fray, Baron manages to drive it off along with his spirit of fire, while Daji overrides gridlink to pull a lucky manoeuvre that loses their tail.


The team delivers the grateful Megan to rehearsal on time, and (hopefully) those stalkers will have been suitably scared off by the competence of her 'security'.


¥8,500, 8 Karma, and 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Well, well well, this was a interestingly quiet run. Daij und yours truly, me, have been hired to rescue a star of the show from hell that is precinct holding cells. Didn't even have to call Rebecca for this little shenanigance. Also astral combat? Ja. It is awful.