Ladies of the Night Part 1

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Ladies of the Night Part 1
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp


Sometimes the oldest profession, leads to some of the oldest dangers.


Along the intersecting area of Redmond, Bellvue, and Snohomish, a recent string of dissapearances have been occuring under the veil of night, a concerned official making sure that something be done about it.

The Meet

Bonfire and BlackLace were able to meet up at a nearby park close to the upper left corner of Redmond. Meeting a woman named Stephanie Heisenguard who informed them of several disspeareances along various night time establishments around the intersecting areas of Redmond, Bellvue, and Snohomish. Though she was quite perplexed as to the arrival of not only Bonfire, but BlackLace as well. Followed by the fact she had payment only suited for one person, but with some negotiation on Blacklace's part an extra sum of Nuyen was agreed upon when the job was completed and compensation for any magical reagents and the like that were used during this endeavor.

The Plan

The pair headed over to the Blue Rose night club. A lesbian night club located in Redmond that offered a safe haven for women around Redmond that did not feel safe at night. As reward for their care and protectiont hey have also been sponsored by and work closely with the Seamstresses Union in Touristville. While the naming convention did cause BlackLace some confusion eventually elaboration was offered. Upon arriving they were halted by a security guard donned in what seemed to be nicely made metal armor. His alias turning out to be "Tin Man." A decently renown street sam runner being hired to protect the club after the recent string of dissapearances. After informing the guard of their intentions to simply investigate and figure out what had transpired/prevent it from happening again. After taking a moment, the owner of the establishment, an elven woman named Belle greeted the two and allowed them to investigate the night club currently being cleaned up by various janitor's. One figure in particular, a dancer named Lucy who also doubled as head of Astral Security introduced herself and informed them of the goings on she was aware of. BlackLace and Bonfire continued their investigation upstairs towards the private rooms where a small background count was felt behind one of the nearby doors. A lingering presence of ecstasy and slight terror lurking just underneath it. With theories thrown about, infected being at the top of the list. The two thanked everyone invited to the five way and headed towards their next destination. Arriving near the southern edge of Snohomish the pair found an inn closed for the moment ran by an elven man and two dwarves. Investigating this bar the pair managed to find one of the rooms had a very similar aura to that of the room back at the Blue Rose. Heading back down the pair were about to leave before they noticed the Dwarves acting... off. Bonfire heading outside to ready herself to fight one fo the dwarves as Blacklace readied to fight the other. THe battle commenced and with a swift ass kicking and persuaded self murder, the pair awaited KE to arrive and complied as they hauled the still living Dwarf off to be prosecuted. As they have learned, the pair of dwarves were addicted to being drained and were puppets of an assumed strain 1 infected. With other realizations in mind, such as how Lucy never managed to catch or even detect the ongoings at her own club. The pair hurried back to confront her.

The Run

Ready for whatever lie ahead the pair headed into the night club whilst active. Ready for a confrontation with whoever may be in league with the infected causing trouble. After heading to the back they confronted Belle and through some... peak detective work courtesy of Blacklace, the pair was able to clear her as innocent. Afterwards they went to interrogate Lucy since her lack of information seemed rather damning. After a brief conversation they seemed to clear her before Lucy stopped the pair and asked them to visit her in private. Where through tear stained eyes she confirmed Lola, the infected in charge of the dissapearances and the drain addicted individuals had her sister held captive. Lucy having to allow Lola's "escepades" go uninterupted or have her sister tortured, turned, or outright killed. With this off her chest she revealed Lola had a secret base in the Redmond sewers as well as a nearby sewer grate so they could descend. After heading over there rapidly, the pair was stopped by a random group of muggers bent on murdering the pair. A fierce fire fight took place where upon several bones were broken and bullets flew. But after some clever placement and Blacklace's raw power. The pair managed to defeat the assailants and continue their persuit of Lola.


The runners stand ready to confront Lola in the sewers that lurk below.


-High Run: 16 x 1.15 for a total of 18 RVP

  • 12 Karma (12 RVP)
  • 12 bonus CDP (6 RVP)
  • 2 CDP (Base)


  • For Bonfire: Belle. Connection 4/Loyalty 2 (5 RVP)
  • For Ryn: Bell. Connection 4/Loyalty 1 (4 RVP)
  • Lucy Contact. Connection 2/Loyalty 4 (5 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


A coordinated and targeted attack on seamstresses happened at the same time over the tri cities. Knight Errant didn't know. Amelie Baptiste didn't know. There's a banshee in the area that's stepping out of line and siring goons hopped up on renfield. This whole situation is messed up, and we're going to put an end to it. If anything were to happen to Lucy, then... How powerless could I truly be?


Snohomish, Redmond, Belleview. Now, if it were just Redmond it'd be no big deal, but we've got renfield addled goons trying to zero us, Fia and I are on a fuckin list apparently, I become the best damn detective ever, and we learn that our Banshee quarry - Lola - is camped out in the sewers. It's a matter of time until this shit pops off, and we gotta sort it asap.