Lalalala la Mamba 6/1/2019

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Lalalala la Mamba 6/1/2019
LocationRedmond Barrens
Result Eliminated The Forsaken gang for The Mambas, Captured Cypher and his supply
Factions Involved
Frag Face
The Mambas
Casualties and losses
None All


The Johnson hired the runners to eliminate a bit of competition, in the form of his former compatriot, a chemist who went by the name Cypher.


The runners got information about what to expect from the Johnson, such as they could manage and he knew, worked out the payment, and then went to The Daze for a bit of a planning session.


With Frag Face and Lightfoot in the back to provide assistance should it be required, Scion brazenly walked into the territory of The Mambas, the gang that was running security for their target. And she made him an offer that he would have needed to be a mad man to refuse, that of eliminating an opposing gang, The Forsaken, to put an end to the turf war, and hook them up with a supplier that was able to produce the chemical weapons that the Mambas were so fond of, in exchange for just stepping back, and letting the runners complete the extraction. He agreed, and so Scion, Frag Face, and Lightfoot went off to do their thing!

First step: Eliminating the Forsaken. Started out easily enough with Frag Face putting 4 of the gangers in the ground almost before they really had a chance to react, though things grew a bit complicated when they found out that The Forsaken had called in a bit of backup of their own due to their rapid loss of territory to The Mambas. The two Shadowrunners gave as good as they got for a little while, before it became clear that they couldn't carry the -entire- fight on their backs, so the Adept split, and the street sam tried to, but was run down and finished off by Frag Face before he'd gotten far.

After that, it was a simple matter of walking in and black bagging Cypher, who put up a token resistance, but wasn't anything the runners couldn't handle. He was escorted to the drop point the Johnson requested, as well as all the Novacoca Cola he'd managed to make up to that point, and then the runners returned to the meeting location to acquire their payment.

Mr.Johnson was looking for some runners to do an extraction/snach & grab, on an unwilling target to get a hold of some product. Checked for info about the target & security on the matrix and found out about the gang called the Mambas that was running security for the target. The face contacted the Mambas and made a deal with them to swich allegiance to our Mr.Johnson in exchange for wiping out a few gangers, piece of cake. Then came the street sam and the adept, our bug guy just could not get a clean hit on them and my Savalette Guardian was near useless luckily the adept ran while the sam stayed and fought it was hell getting him down, only lasted a few seconds bet felt like hours. I was only able to get a good hit on him after the big guy took him to the ground, after that though it was just as easy as I thought it would be. Cleaned up some gangers and the security turned. After that just had to nab the target grab some goodies and get paid.


One less gang in Redmond, and one more that will be unlikely to be shooting at the runners. At least, not without cause.


15,000 nuyen, 5 karma, +3 with The Mambas