Last Year's Turret is Another Man's Treasure

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Last Year's Turret is Another Man's Treasure
Part of 24 Karat Magic
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Carlos Mercer
Knights Errant
Frag Face
John from IT


The 24 Karat Crew had gotten wind of that KE had a warehouse full of amazing Ares vehicles and vehicle parts - it was about time someone liberated them, right?!


KE had been rounding up a bunch of it's older model vehicles for stripping, reconditioning, and decomissioning. They contracted out to a private security firm to watch over the warehouse full of these parts just North East of their training facility. Some KE were dispatched to provide oversight at the warehouse, but really, it was a peach just waiting to be plucked.

The Meet

Hotrod Henry, resident mechanic for the 24 Karat Crew, called a meeting for a bunch of like minded runners at Pride, the gang's bar in Touristville. He offered them first pick (within reason) of the stuff in the warehouse if the runners would take care of the guards. The runners agreed, had a drink on the house, and went to do the most life-altering leg work they'd ever embarked on.

The Plan

Scope out the warehouse, try and find the best way in. Simple, right?!

The Run

Drone recon came back with the approximate position of a lot of goods, a basic security schedule, and a very overworked, under appreciated security guard by the name of Carlos Mercer. Drone mics picked up Carlos being chewed out by a KE goon named Trey Finnegan (no relation). The entire team instantly fell super hard for Carlos's plight. The decision was made to try and turn Carlos into an asset by asking him to data tap the security system and let the team into the warehouse.

It was a long, complicated past they found when researching Carlos. A father, unfaithful to his wife and betrayed by his company. A mother who hit her husband in the head with a frying pan. A boy with dreams of joining Lone Star, but was forever blacklisted due to his father's crimes. A young man caught in a futile cycle of wanting more than he could have.

The team approached Carlos at his residence. They let Dandy take the lead in talking, one boy from the CAS to another. After some moonshine and gentle encouragement and a promise to help Carlos with his Lone Star issue, Carlos agreed to help the team.

The next day, it went smoothly - the team got in, the security line to the outside world was severed, and all heck commenced.

After a scuffle where two men were kicked to sleep, two walls broken, several sniper shots of Stick and Shock, a KE goon filled with APDS, and several minutes later, it was all over. The 24 Karat Crew came in and cleaned the place out after the runner's had selected their gear.

And everyone loved Carlos.


Carlos Mercer's boss took the fall for everything.

KE pretended they never had anything there.

Carlos is on his way to redemption!


52,000 nuyen worth of vehicle gear

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I'm am quite happy with I got from this run, after a little work my Roadmaster might be able to scare the piss out of a troll


Felt kinda weird leading the charge instead of just listening to people boss me around. Hey at least we manage to save Carlos and that is what matters.


Ha! We got through with only killing the poor soul who annoyed W!ndsong... but the rest went flawlessly, we even helped Carlos in the process!