Legion's Ordeal

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Legion's Ordeal
LocationRedmond Barrens
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
Martin Watkin
Legion Martin
Projected Mage


Legion helps one of his flock who believe themselves to have lost faith and wished to incite violence on Legion's chapel in Redmond.


After Legion's preaching when he first came to Seattle others have joined his congregation. One of these was Martin Watkin, who seemed troubled.

The Meet

Martin came to Legion requesting a confession, where Martin confesses that he has had dark thoughts of inciting violence at the chapel due to Legion's unorthodox preaching.

The Plan

Help Martin through his penance, hopefully help him find his faith (if he wishes) and calm him from violence.

The Run

After the confession Legion set a penance for Martin to stay silent for Seven Days and Seven Nights to, in some hope, clear his conscience. Legion kept about his routine, often fixing up his chapel, giving service or helping the individual. 7 days later Martin returns for another confession, this time he is seen as clearly not having looked after himself and had clearly been crying. Legion consoles him, and congratulates him on completing his penance, though a small background count had accrued suggesting Martin still felt disconnected. With this, Legion set another penance, this one being hard labour where Martin assisted him in repairing the chapel. This brought Martin a great deal of relief wherein he left guilt-free, the background count fading away.

With this, an astrally projected form appeared in the chapel, making a cross symbol and manifesting a Cherub (Weak air spirit) and congratulated Legion on his success though berates him for a mishap. This figure is a morphing mass, changing metatype each time Legion blinked. They tell Legion that Martin was tricked by them to test Legion, as his unorthodox preaching had them worried, though rest assured Martin was safe despite the concerns Legion had for decieving a fellow. The Projection assured Legion, that like Job, his faith would be tested again in time.


Martin leaves with a clear mind free of guilt.


  • 6 Karma
  • Ordeal on initiating

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Si, that was... good. I would rather not have someone incite violence nor lose purpose in life. I am glad he came to me when he did, even if he was tricked into seeking my assistance.