Light Up My Night

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Light Up My Night
LocationMatrix, Aztechnology Pyramid Host
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Aztechnology
Jennifer McCallister
Great Wall Spider
2x Shark Deckers


In which five matrix newbies are inducted into The Nexus.


The runners, each interested joining a Data Haven for their own personal reasons, search them out. They are each contacted by Bash who tells them that they will have to prove themselves in order to join The Nexus, and that he will contact them by the end of the day.

The Meet

Bash contacts them again and tells them to go to a particular matrix bar, wearing a green hat, and walk through the wall between two tables. There, Bash tells them that he wants them to change the lights on the outside of the Aztechnology Pyramid to resemble that of a middle finger. Any who survive may be inducted into the Nexus and be paid for their time.

The Plan


The Run

The team enters the outer Aztechnology Host and finds a door marked "Employees Only", in addition to lots of Aztechnology propaganda. They decide to go into the "Employees Only" area, and after a couple of attempts everyone makes it inside. There, they see an office worker holding a Macuahuitl (a decker) and two Jaguar Warriors (Patrol and Probe IC). The team finds the devices and files that control the building lighting, though the two security spiders in this section of the Host also spot the party. Then the IC joins in. However, C0FF1N manages to disarm the data bomb while 8133D3R draws aggro from the Spiders and z distracts the IC. Meanwhile, Al-Ahmar plays support and Jennifer McCallister provides some assistance with the IC. z's sprite buffs C0FF1N's deck, who disarms the data bomb and then edits the file to upload the new code as the rest of the matrix specialists are pushed out of the Host. Right as C0FF1N finally gets the outside of the Pyramid to display the middle finger, she gets converged on by the Host! She barely manages to escape after being hit by the remaining decker, and everyone is out!


Bash contacts the runners and expresses his surprise that they survived and completed their objective! He provides them access to the Nexus.


  • Prime Data Haven Membership (Nexus) provided by Bash - 7 RVP
  • 5 karma - 5 RVP
  • 16k nuyen worth of Cereprax (or half that as Nuyen) - 4 RVP
  • 2 CDP


  • 5x Ascension Rewards for -5 RVP

Jennifer McCallister:

  • SG Discount

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Jennifer McCallister

My first time breaking into something like the Aztechnology Pyramid. It was very thrilling, and very terrifying. My skills were a little less useful here. I actually got caught once but managed to get away. I got to fight some pretty tough IC straight up for the very first time and it was worse than I thought. My more subtle companions were in their element in here. I think I need to change my approach up a little going forward.


At first, everything was chill and I got to chat with some new chummers. We went digging where we weren't supposed to (legally anyway) and we had a few close calls but in the last room I got noticed. I was second last to pull out, just couldn't risk getting fried. Good old C0FF1N finsihed the job though. Hope they're OK.


Really close call there at the end. Shoutout to the others for a great distraction though.


Woah. The Nexus is full of stuff. I couldn't parse through this even if I had a month nonstop in hotsim! Not that I ever break the VR limits. I'm pretty surprised how smooth it went - it wasn't easy, on the contrary, it was super hard! It's more that we managed to get things done despite the pitfalls and unexpected complications. It's not like we really hurt anyone, it was just a little test of skills! And we proved we were worthy, so hey, membership getto!~