Livia´s Quest

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Livia´s Quest
LocationWilderness of the CAS (Florida)
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Livia as well, Florida Wildlife
{{Conduit|}} Phonecian Bird
Awakened Alligator
Water spirit
Casualties and losses
a lot of Stun track boxes One split in half Bird, one singed Alligator, a cave full of magical steam


A little spirit told Conduit "The great one" wants to talk to em, so he set up a Loadge and by doing so aquired the mission to seek out a cave somewhere in the Florida wilderness for a test.


Conduits first Initiation, guided by the Great Loa "Livia"

The Meet

A little Loa appeared in Conduits home during a rainy day, telling him that "The great one" wants to speak to him. Conduit set up a Lodge to prepare for the talk. After setting up the lodge, the Great Loa appeared during meditation and spoke to him, telling him to find a certain cave and face the test inside of it. After waking up Conduit knew exactly where this cave was but found out that it was at the other end of the american continent, somehwere in the widlerness of Florida.

The Plan

Calling his Fixer Dial-Up for transport, they struck a deal, transport to and from the nearest town for a simsense recording of the trip. Dial- Up provided the neccessary recording gear and Conduit hopped into the next plane to Florida.

The Run

Immediately after arriving Conduit started his walk, finding a nice place he tried to call the Wild Loa of these woods, got denied and a branch struck his head. Puzzled but still confident He then called other Loas for help. "Helchalagossel Silevil-Maethil i Amlugithron" (or Heather for short) a guardian spirit showed up but was not willing to be bound to Conduit for longer than neccessary and the loas resistance was so stong it knocked Conduit out cold. After waking up a Phonecian bird tried to attack Conduit. Still in pain, Conduit managed to call in another Loa to help fend of the bird. Binding this new Loa also proved problemantic and Conduit went down a second time. After that, he spend 3 days in a local Motel resting. On the 4th day he ventured out again, this time his call for the Wood Loa was successful and a rather amused Loa showed up. Bargaining for safe passage through the woods Conduit left 30 Reagents and went on through Nature. Eventually he waded through the outskirts of a swamp so he decided to call for help one more time. This time it all went well, and Morrigan, a Guardian Loa possesed the body of Conduit and Pinus Contorta a Loa of fire was put into Conduits Katana for both light and combat should it arise. And it did in form of an awakened Alligator (Florida amirite?), which got chopped up by Morrigan and Pinus quite fast, and left smouldering in the swamp

After some hours of walking, the cave was found and examined. Inside of it a pool of water formed a Water spirit, which charged after it bowed to Conduit, Morrigan and Pinus. As if guided by fate, Conudits body gave away one more time right after the spirit was defeated and sunk into the pool of water. Inside another vision appeared, deeming Conduit worthy and granting him some more power over the Loa. The body was renewed from the pond and on the way back Conduit got lost only once. But eventually he made it back to Seattle.


Conduit now knows what pain feels like, is now more attuned to Loas, overly excited to know that a great Loa picked up interest in him and happy to be back home. Dial-Up has a simsense recording of Conduit, getting knocked out three times and a part where the data just goes haywire as he was in the pond, floating about


Rewards for 'Livia's Quest': 11 Karma (11 RVP) Tough as Nails (Stun) (5 RVP)


IG Discount

Livia, a Great Loa, is impressed with Conduit.

Optional, taking from the above rewards: Tough as Nails (Stun) (5 RVP per)

Game Quotes

Me: "What is life without the spice of pain?" GM: "You don't feel any pain right now."

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Ohhhh my! I have been talking to a great Loa! They have had some interest and send me on a test of endurance to prove my worth! And oh boy, I think it can still feel the bruises. I went out three times! But i made it! I showed that at least Floridas Nature cant stop me! Now i feel more capable and i wait for the next opportunity to talk to "Livia", the great Loa who ave me this mission!