Low Blow Martial Arts Shop

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Low Blow Martial Arts Shop
Location CreatorYorkhai
ArchetypeMartial arts dojo, and sports equipment shop.
IC OwnerRoger Hendrix
Background Count1


Located in the edge of Woodinville, and the Barrens proper, the Low Blow Martial arts shop and Dojo are known in the neighborhood for providing cheap martial arts classes for street kids, so they at least have a place to learn discipline, tools to defend themselves, and to grow up resembling something of a functional adult. It is also known for providing high-quality training equipment for a sort-of decent price. The dojo has a semi-fix number of students and all are welcome. It is also Rumored, that Roger has a tendency to pluck abandoned, desperate youth from the streets, and tries his best to shape them up, so they might have a chance for a better future

Distinctive Features

The Shop

The shop itself is a rather small area, with locked display cabinets full of practice weapons, weights, kettlebells, food supplements, and other equipment needed to practice martial arts or to simply workout. Behind the Counter, you can usually find Roger. A maximum of five customers can fit it at once.

The Dojo

On the same floor is a dojo, capable of fitting approximately thirty students all at once. The floors are covered in tatami, and the walls are lined up with practice weapons of great variety. Regular sessions are held almost daily, with a separate time slot, reserved for shadowrunners. (Keep In Mind, that Both Rogers daughter, and wife try to keep the business above board, so they do not like the shadow runner community that much, because of this the runners are asked to only come on said time slot)

Living Quarters

On the first (or second if you are American), there are the private quarters of Rogers family, and as such are closed off to the public. It is rumored, that Roger has a room full of old runner memorabilia from his time in the shadows, but the ork garners much respect, and so nobody pries too much of the subject. On the floor above it, are guest rooms where people with nowhere else to go, or in need of a place to crash can stay. Respecting the house rules is a must, and as such, any violation of the rules will make the offender face the full wrath of the ones who live there. In the attic, there are permanent living quarters for a few Individuals.

IC Information

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 A destination host for the shop with a fully functioning online shop, and some articles about various martial arts, and an invite to attend the dojo in person. First lesson is free!
3 An article, where a journalist interviews Roger, and mentions that the name is not exactly fitting for a honorable battle, and Roger explaining, that he does not mentors the students to win fair in some arbitrary tournament, rather than to survive on the streets. So the name fits.
6 Multiple mentions of the are both on Shadow Haven, and Jackpoint.

Area Knowledge:Seattle Table

Threshold Result
1 Its a good place to buy training equipment and food supplements.
3 The area was once Halloweener controlled territory, but recently they have cleared out the area
5 The area is often guarded by runners, or locals, trained in the dojo. As long as you have a decent moral compass, and does not want to cause harm, you are welcome. If you have business in the area, talk to Roger.

Runs Featuring This Location

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