Man, Myth, Stuffer Shack

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Man, Myth, Stuffer Shack
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Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
Stuffer Shack
Colten Wight
Blue Crab Gang
Shock Jockey
Fresh Mint
Casualties and losses
None None


The runner team is tasked with hunting down a gang and recovering a lot of stolen goods from a stuffer shack


Colten Wight is a manager of a small chain of stuffer shack and has decided to start moving his hand into the shadows .unfortunately a small time gang known as the Blue Crabs gotten word of this and decided to hit him and he has requested the aid of runners to get this supply of goods and some illegal goods for work in the shadows.

The Meet

The team of runners arrived at a burndown stuffer shack that had recently suffered the attack by the Blue Crabs, there is an old burning truck out front which was used to deliver the cargo but due to the Blue Crabs assault on the place only one of the drivers got away and the truck was burned in the process. they would see two mall cops security guys patrolling the place and calculating over the damages and during the entire meet the place was beginning to fall apart due to structural damage while the Johnson inside tried to keep a cool head but was annoyed at all of this occurring. with some wise words thankfully too Griffon and with some help from Fresh Mint, Potato has tried to help, but keeping their mouth shut was a good idea.

The Plan

So the runners started splitting up to gather information Potato and Shock Jockey drove around the streets, passing the time as Shock Jockey went looking on the matrix trying to find out any info of the gang, but did find a spot where one of the ganger was car surfing and was knocked off by a can hitting him in the head

Griffon picked to called up a Rent a Van place that the Blue Crabs use to rob the stuffer shack, thankfully for the techno on finding out that info. He called the place and said that he was the cop, which confused the owner of the place and left the phone unmuted and heard in on a talk about the worker and a blue ganger talking about a job and payment.

Mint walked around the streets and ran across a old drug out old man who help with finding the info onto the gang hideout and did notice a dead ganger on the side of the road belonging to the blue crabs to use the jacket for a future plan.

The Run

So if a plan in hand they decided to have one of their members who is the face of the group who is also a death to take on the form of one of the gangers who they found dead on the side of the road to use this as a means to get inside .everyone else decided to sneak around or stayed on the matrix side keeping watch and making sure their friend is taken care of without things turning into bloodshed .potato would slip in a flash bank underneath the guard who's asleep at the mouth of the subway tunnel in case he would get up he would trigger a grenade and would knock himself out .as they begin to head inside, Luckily not being noticed by the watcher spirit who happened to be on site. Or a bit of saying that the ancients are attacking and other things such as they look beat up and covering blood the gang boss in all the gangers inside bought it with the group filling at edge test which would give the gang boss bonus which Luckily the gang boss failed to notice the lie. The boss order Fresh Mint to get into the van and drive off. To where the group hop in afterward and allowed a scene of the gang-on gang fight, which happened while they drove off to Potato’s hideout for some time.


In the aftermath, the group hanged out in the barrens for a bit and gotten rid of the van by a chopshop, before driving over to Johnson and handing over the goods and getting paid. he does offer them if they need help with getting more work in the future, he will be happy to help for a small fee. like most fixers.


8k money and 2 Karma

CDP as normal reward

Potato now owns Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy a chip

optional contact Colten Weight as a 2/2 contact

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