Marie Miller

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Marie Miller
Marie Miller.png
Drone-loving Getaway Driver
Bad luck, but good driving.
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.January 14th
FolderMarie's Drive
PriorityMetatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - A

Character Information


Marie Miller is a capable driver with a sportscar, a few drones, and a need for speed.


Marie wants to turn her bad luck around and pay off her debts in Quebec one day.


Marie prefers French despite being completely fluent in English. Unfortunately, this means she often comes off as hostile to those that do not know her because of the tensions between English speakers and Francophones in Quebec.

Outside of the mission, Marie is kind, chipper and warm. She'll put her feet up anywhere she goes. Almost all exclamations--be them cursing or excitement--will come out in French. When asked to do a task, Marie is blustery and confident; she's all smiles until it's go time. When the mission is on, she hardens up and makes sure her team is where they need to be when they need to be there.


Marie's got two datajacks behind her right ear. Both her ears and eyes are cyberware, though they're molded to not be too evident--at least until the antennae extend. Her red hair and green eyes provide a stark contrast to her pale, freckled face.


Marie wears a an old racer's uniform that's white and patched at the seams. While driving she wears a racing helmet modified so she can wear a ballistic mask over her face. She's often a little scuffed up from mishaps around the house. She often wears an armored bubble jacket over her racing uniform in Seattle because of the cold temperatures.

Matrix Persona

Marie runs an avatar that looks like her, but stylized in the fashion of an old world racing cartoon.

In Play

The Scout

Marie is knowledgeable about vehicles and gangs, but--unfortunately--she's new to the Seattle area. While she can't help much on the matrix, she can scout areas effectively with her three CU^3 Professionals. Each has thermographic vision and vision enhancement on their cameras, as well as audio enhancement on their microphones to make scouting more successful.

She rolls 20 dice on visual and 21 dice on audio EWAR checks when jumped into a CU^3 in hot-sim. Piloting checks roll 23 dice for her scouting drones, and sneaking is on a 21. All test thresholds in hot-sim are reduced by 2 thanks to her control rig.

The Driver

Marie is an excellent driver. She rolls 23 dice for her driving checks generally, and receives bonuses under several scenarios:

  • Marie gets a +2 to all chase actions.
  • Marie gets a +1 to all pilot checks when you're inside the vehicle and moving at a speed of 3 or higher.
  • In addition to reduced thresholds because of her control rig, terrain modifiers are reduced by 1 to a minimum of 0.
  • During vehicle or chase combat, Marie can increase the speed of her vehicle or drone by 20% or the handling by 1, and she receives a +2 dice pool modifier for maneuvers or stunts for 1d6 minutes. (See Gearhead, pg 74 in SR5.)

Her car has an Ares Alpha hidden in her engine compartment that--when deployed, shoots straight forward. It's loaded with APDS and thermal smoke canisters. Her dice pool is 24 for firing both the Ares and its under-mounted grenade launcher when jumped into the vehicle, but don't forget to make a piloting check each round or you'll lose control of the vehicle!

The Fire Support

When jumped into her Doberman, Marie throws 24 dice towards her FN HAR. Thanks to her RCC, her initiative is 12+4d6 when jumped in, so she can be ready to provide support quickly! She dodges with 16 dice if jumped in, (thanks to being able to replace her intuition with reaction again.) The doberman only has a soak pool of 16, so she will often want to drive defensively to increase her dodging. If her drone does get tagged while she's in hot-sim, she'll personally have to resist half the damage.

Because of all this, she's much more capable at providing supporting fire to her more beefy teammates. In the meat, she's less threatening, but still throws 12 dice to her Remmington Suppressor as long as the smart gun is active.

The Francophone

  • Due to her culture, Marie often comes off as hostile to new people. All social glitches are considered critical glitches, and she cannot benefit from social armor.
  • Marie will give special treatment to those who speak French because she's homesick. She gets -4 on her social dice pools when in direct competition with other native French folks. This often means getting paid too little from French J's and being happy with it.
  • Marie pays taxes on her lifestyle because of her status as a citizen of Quebec.
  • Marie has 3 points of notoriety because she welched on a street bet. Because of this, people don't trust her as much.


Born in Montreal, Quebec, Marie Miller was the daughter of an auto mechanic named Louise and a pilot named Emma. While her mother was initially disappointed that she took more to cars than VTOLs, Emma was more than vindicated when Marie excelled behind the wheel instead of under the hood.

From the age of sixteen to twenty-two, Marie won enough money in street races across Quebec to pay for a control rig, cyberware, a few drones, and her car. However, after losing a series of races betting money she didn't have--PURELY ON BAD LUCK (she says to herself), Marie thought a new start in Seattle would be preferable to having her cyberware ripped out and sold to recoup her gambling debt.

Her first acquaintance in Seattle was a courier named Stilton. He introduced Marie to a fixer named Ferdinand Gray. After recognizing her skills behind the wheel, Ferdinand began fixing Marie up with jobs from ShadowHaven.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Horizon Presents: Drone WarsTekomandor17 July 2083



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Ferdinand Gray 2 2 Fixer Pawnbroker Pawnbroker, Spies, Appraiser Even
Michael Stilton 1 1 Custom (A, G, K, N) Courier Motorcycle Courier, Futurist Even




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