Matrix Combat Time

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Matrix Combat Time
Factions Involved
Unknown Technomancer


Twitch and Shiro are hired to hack into a particular host and steal a file revealing the nasty works of a particular, undisclosed corp, in order for a rival corp to leak said information.


Everyone knows MCT is guilty of some things, most especially the kidnapping of SINless (and even some SINner) technomancers. Of course, no one knows to what extent. Well, EVO wants to deal them a blow by making their many sins better known. They have hired a few people to break into this particular host, but all of them have come back, well... they haven't come back.

The Meet

Twitch and Shiro are directed to meet at the Big Rhino around lunch time. Being a pair of matrix users, they naturally investigate the meet location, finding it to be a pretty upstanding restaurant with decent food. Twitch picks up Shiro and they drive together, arriving about 10 minutes early. The Johnson arrives not much later and allows them to order, then gets straight to business. He explains as much as he can about the host, and even discloses that many have not returned from it. He offers 14,000, which Twitch and Shiro accept, not wanting to fumble negotiations, as they are likely to do, as neither has the necessary skills, and both are bad at first meetings (luckily, they have worked with each other before). An extra 6,000 is offered if the runners can ensure no evidence is left about which file they accessed. The file is due to be deleted in about a week, so the time frame of approximately 5 days is established. With further prompting from Twitch, the Johnson gives them a few keywords with which to search for the required file, not wanting to disclose its exact contents.

The Plan

Twitch calls up Mr Incognito, his fixer, and asks for a place where he and Shiro can go in VR and do the job. He gives Twitch a few options, but they eventually choose a location in Renton, a basic motel in a rare low-violence, low-police presence area; ideal for decking in VR. The pair scout out the R6 Data Host. Because of the threat level, Twitch thinks it would be best to register a Crack Sprite to help him in cybercombat if necessary. They rest and begin the process during normal work hours (when files are likely to be opened) the next day.

The Run

The pair dive into VR and teamwork hack the host in order for each other to gain marks. Twitch compiles a sprite to help with this task, and takes a little bit of fading. This begins a dangerous bit of fading on him that starts to stack up. Inside, they find an odd persona: a man whose persona resembles a man in a suit, but his head begins to fade into nothingness. Twitch uses Matrix Perception and finds that he has a high level of ASDF and the very scary Rating 7 device. He concludes this is likely a powerful technomancer, and confirms by locating the man's resonance signature. This means that if Twitch uses any resonance actions, he may leave behind a signature that the man can find it. He realizes the job just got a lot harder by including a technomancer and shares this with Shiro. Shiro agrees that the plan hasn't really changed, just that Twitch needs to be careful to erase any resonance signatures left behind.

Using the key words, the pair works together to locate the file. Like most important files, it is protected by encryption and a data bomb. Not an issue for a techno with Editor, but... the resonance signature... Twitch sets about to stacking up his Editor form as high as he can, but this is a multi-step process. Shiro prepares to defend Twitch on the cybercombat side if they get spotted. Getting antsy as the unknown technomancer keeps getting closer to them, Shiro takes a pre-emptive measure, hacking the man to get a mark. Unfortunately, the hack fails! The technomancer gets a mark on Shiro for the failed sleaze action. Now, Shiro is engaged in cybercomabat. Luckily, it's at this point when Twitch manages to complete his preparations and threads the Editor Complex form, successfully copying the file and reverting the last edit date so there was no evidence he touched it... except for the resonance signature.

Twitch tells Shiro to bail, since the man is a powerful technomancer that he does not have confidence they can win against. Shiro does so, and Switch commands his sprite to remain only long enough to erase the matrix signature and get out. Right before Twitch logs out of the host, he sees that the matrix signature is removed by his faithful sprite, then he logs out entirely. The Sprite, hopefully, made it out before being destroyed.


Twitch and Shiro read a copy of the file, which goes into some detail about the number of crimes committed by MCT. Of particular interest to Twitch was the information presented about black-bagging technomancers, especially targeting the SINless. While this was hard evidence, this was not new information for the boy. He placed his copy in NCL, but there wasn't much need, since the information will be public soon enough. EVO is happy to publish these things. Because the matrix signature on the file was erased, there was no evidence of which file they took and, therefore, the extra money was awarded.


20,000 Nuyen, 3 Karma, 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Yeah. Growing up there was always the chance that I would have been one of those black bagged. I guess mom was right to make me hide it, at least until I knew better. Some of these people were not known to be technomancers by anyone but themselves. Hopefully this sheds some public light on the horrible things MCT has done. I worry about that technomancer though. I know I left some of my signatures behind... that shouldn't be enough to track me down, though... right?

Shiro Hime

This was a thing I never in my carrier ever had a Techno defending a Datahost and a quite strong one to. But at last we got what we needed and finished the job.