Midnight Train aka Two Methheads in a Box

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Midnight Train aka Two Methheads in a Box
LocationTrain in Seattle (Tacoma and Puyallup)
Status Threat Level: Hard
Factions Involved
Geoff Montgomery XLII the Raccoon
Train Guards
Underpaid Station Guards
Wizard Goons
Heavy Weapons Goons
Troll Goon
Fire Spirit
Casualties and losses
Fire Spirit disrupted, others healed by Flare


Geoff Montgomery XLII The Raccoon hires the runners to steal some reagents off of a train


Geoff Montgomery XLII gained knowledge of reagents being transported through Tacoma by train, and hired some runners to steal them.

The Meet

All the runners arrived early to the meet, whereupon they noticed a raccoon with a belt pouch going into the building where the meet was supposed to take place. They followed the raccoon in, and found it sitting at a chair and desk in significantly better condition than the rest of the building. The raccoon the introduced itself as Geoff Montgomery XLII, the Johnson of the run, and gave the runners the rundown on the train and its journey.

The Plan

RC-45 broke into the host for the train company's host and sneakily copied the train's cargo manifest and detailed path, finding the reagents were in the first car from the front, but the third car from the front had many radiation warnings. Flare, meanwhile, was using a ritual to spy on the train yard where additional cargo would be loaded onto the train, and after a disastrous first attempt, found a poorly-guarded warehouse containing containers to be loaded on the train.

The runners then resolved to sneak onto the train inside the cargo containers.

The Run

The runners easily snuck onto the train, suffering some problems due to two methheads in a box, one of which reacted badly to the enclosed space, but the guards were not paid enough to bother to investigate. The runners then made their way down the train, RC-45 unlocking the doors, before passing through the irradiated carriage, but being confronted by the surprised security guards. A vicious firefight then ensued, both sides careful to avoid puncturing the radiation shielding.

After major injuries on both sides, the conscious guards decided they weren't being paid enough and surrendered, and then Flare healed everyone on both sides that was injured.


Flare levitated the runners and the cargo they stole off the train and returned it to Geoff, who agreed on a higher payment due to the greater than anticipated threat.


16k Nuyen (8 RVP) or 32k in electronics (incl. drones) aka things with buttons

6 Karma (6 RVP)

4 CDP (2 RVP)


Geoff Montgomery XLII the Raccoon at Loyalty 4 (5 RVP)

Tough as Nails (Stun) for RC-45 (5 RVP)

Gifted Healer for Flare (2 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


What an interesting job ive taken up! I got a job from a racoon shifter, and ended up smuggling myself in a box onto a high speed train. Those guards we fought tried so hard, I feel bad they got injured, and I'm a little worried that they are working in an area with all that exposed radiation.. I gave them a good heal before I left, and some words of encouragement. Hopefully they didnt get in too much trouble!


Paracritter hunting is slow work these days - I haven't had a contract in weeks!
So when Bulldog Black gave me a ring, I hopped right on it. Maybe I shouldn't have been so hasty. First, Mr Johnson was a raccoon.. yeah.. you heard me, chummer. Second, it was supposed to be a bit of a milk run - just fetch some reagents from a train. Simple, right? Yeah.. we thought so too. After a bit of poking around in the Matrix, Astral and good old fashioned mark-III eyeballs, we smuggled ourselves into some crates destined for the target train. Complication one came when our resident methheads freaked out in the shipping containers and nearly got us busted. Second one came when our path to the reagents was blocked by a bunch of containers leaking a drek-tonne of rads. And the piece de resistance came when RC-45 popped the door at the far end of the rad-zone and came face to face with what could have passed for a corp HTR team.. Must be some drekking amazing reagents!! After a tough fight, the poor bastards did what any good wageslave does and surrendered. Since they were nice enough to give up, we let them live and levitated right off the side of the train and back to our inadequate payday.
Drek, these jobs don't pay enough!


This was not worth it in the long run, also working for a magical creature to steal a bunch of stuff and getting my ass shoot to high hell with lot of the focus on me, lucky I have armore and most of my body is cyber, for the others likely couldn't take a beating like me