Missing body, Knight Errant sends out reward

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By Frank Rogerson, Horizon Seattle News

Posted on 2078-25-12 at 00:19:11 UTC

Horizon Seattle news is always the same this time of year. Only minor changes, like the names of the people who won the Christmas lottery, or which corp "gave" the most to charity this year. But one of the minor news stories caught your attention

"One of our stories follow the tragic loss of a Mister Daniel Bailey. Who lost his life during an armed house robbery, but what we thought would be the end of that story has only gotten weird. As the body of Mister Bailey had disappeared from the KE morgue just this morning, we asked Lt. Rebbeca Montez, but couldn’t get a statement for tonight's story"

A picture of an Ork appears. Those of you who know him instantly recognize him as Sarcarian when he was still alive

"KE has set a reward for anyone who has information regarding the body of Mister Bailey"

The news broadcast begins to trail off as it keeps going on about the importance of the KE investigations. But it's the same one you've heard everytime KE sets a "reward" out