Mitsuhama Unveils New Drone Based On Old Flatvid

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Mitsuhama Unveils New Drone Based On Old Flat Vid

Date: 6/4/2081 By: Li Yun

We're outside Mitsuhama's annual convention where they have just unveiled a prototype mecha drone. They're calling it the RX78 and it's based on an old 1900s anime flatvid. They've reported keeping this under wraps has been one of the hardest things they've had to do. Lead engineer Armuro Kiriyama says he's so proud that this is his "crowning achievement and with this even the dragons should be careful" jokingly.

The first test run of this mecha is due in a month, we will update you then. This is looking to be one of the greatest advances in military tech in our age. During the conference they boasted that they had multiple weapons and jet propulsion, including a replica Laser rifle, beam sword, and twin vulcan cannons.

-Li Yun, World Tech News