Moving Day

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Moving Day
Part of Spin-off from GM DrBurst's Plot Line Run This Town
LocationApartment in Touristville, Seattle
Sunrise Apartments in Redmond, Seattle
Result Successful helped an old guy move house.
Factions Involved
A Handful Of Random Gangers Sunrise Apartments Odin
Commanders and leaders
Elderly Ork
Casualties and losses
Some Gangers None None


The events of GM DrBurst's Plot Line Run This Town have made things uncomfortable for ex-runners and retired criminals living in Touristville.


The meet was a relatively straightforward interaction with a geriatric Ork, who was born Human some 80+ years ago, and needed help moving to a retirement home deep in the Redmond Barrens. The price was agreed upon up front in about 4 seconds, at which point the elderly employer gestured over his shoulder to get the runners to help shift some heavy furniture.


Barbarian first attempted to convince their employer that he could perhaps straighten out the issues with KE with the aid of some violence, an offer the elderly Ork declined. They then proceeded to manhandle some furniture through the doorway and into the back of the Ork's pick-up truck, predating grid-guide or even self-driving cars, and quite possibly even predating the current millennium.

The team navigated the Barrens with little difficulty, save for an improvised roadblock by a small group of gangers hoping to score some new (or at least working) wheels. It did not go well for the gangers, but some of them were left alive.

Once at the Home, a lovely place called Sunrise Apartments, some porters took over the unloading of the truck, the employer (who had been driving, not trusting these young whippersnappers with his truck) payed them with credsticks and settled in.


The Ork was a retired shadow-worker, and settled into Sunrise Apartments quite comfortably. The Apartments are filled with other ex-runners and former criminals who have retired due to age, and are considered neutral ground by almost all runners, gangers, and criminals of all stripes as most of them are grandparents or mentors of younger, more active runners and criminals, and the last thing you want to do is let the mafia find out that there were bullets flying near their grandparents and they were coming from your gun. The Ork let the other tenants know how polite and helpful the runners were, and word trickled down to the grand kids and proteges of the various elderly residents.


Player Characters


2,000 Nuyen

2 Karma

2 Street Cred

AAR: Some old ork wanted us to help him move, said some gangers were threatening him. I offered to clear out the gang but he just wanted to move. Midway we were ambushed by some gangers. I took their heads and that was it. Easy pay, though very little.


2,000 Nuyen

2 Karma

2 Street Cred