My Bag Is Cooler Than Yours

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My Bag Is Cooler Than Yours
GMBlood Librarian
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven SpinGlobal
Black Samurai
PuppyPurse Labs
Ming Zedong


Runners are contacted by a Cyber Collective to do some fast data gathering work and do the meet at the Star Light Diamond Dust Club in Renton. They get into contact with RUMBA an esoteric AI, who handles the payment. Runner team moves to the neighboring mall, do some investigation work on finding the PuppyPurse!™ that was discarded, dealing with some psychotic security members, a spinglobal worker and a incandescently Spinmad Karen™. Runners defuse the situation with a bribe, and split up, one group going to Delphi's Detective Agency, while the other going to the Colosseum in an effort to track down the targets body guard whose P-Profile places her there. Runners fight 2 Cyber Tigers and a Giant Crab-Tank, winning the fight in basically three seconds. Delphi walks into a locker room where the target was resting with her three bodyguard lackeys that she beat in a fight. Runner team exfils after instigating a conflict with the target, who attempts to entrap Delphi after she commits a "faux paus." Run was successfully completed with data acquired all relevant sources and Runners were given pay-data by a surly and damaged AI.


Tülay Meier-Adler, the Johnson of the meet has a bunch of rotodrones doing cool stuff, and witnessed an act of depravity. the rotodrone witnessed the target of the run beating her servant maid person with a PuppyPurse!, resulting in the dog being severely wounded.

The Meet

The meet goes down in the Starlight Diamond Dust club, a place known for going into temperatures low enough to form diamond dust from the moisture in the air. It's cold. The runners made it to the to he meet with no issue thanks to decker support to make the checkpoints faster for all members of the party. After a brief issue where the bouncer almost gets cut in half for assuming that Black Knight was a Ren-Raku goon, they see the johnson shivering, and immediately move to baby him from the cold, with Gerisa hugging him until he resigned to being forced to wear a coat.

The Johnson gives details on the run, the video on the person and a simple request to get the details on who this person, what the dog is, and where it came from. Runners agreed to get paid in pay data, as well as the offer of software and digital equipment at gear discounts.

The Plan

Sniff out the details and get our paws own the data and deets required to complete the mission, first step being the mall in which the incident happened.

The Run

Runners walk through a MAD scanner and have to disarm their guns or turn it in if they don't have a conceal carry permit. They spot a blood trail from the high-end Renraku Subsidary clothing store mostly cleaned up and leading to a maintenance closet. Gerisa finds a discarded piece of jewelry spilled out from when Ming clubbed her maid, and goes to the bathroom to do psychometry on it. Black Knight goes to the bathroom to hide out and be close enough to support if needed. He gets into a conflict with a cruel Spinglobal guy who immediately initiates radical combat against Black trying to defile his shoes while they both duck and weave with their rollerblades and skimmers. A ultimate diss causes the guy to stalk away, waiting for round two. Gerisa goes to open the door to the maintenance closet. Nogitsune sat nearby, making sure to play interference for the her. a incandescently mad human woman with a Wuxing SIN walks up and demands to talk to Gerisa about a very important task, being incredibly racist to Nogitsune who just wanted to calm her down. Nogitsune almost gives in and murders her after being called "knife-eared good for nothing but camp-fire fuel keeb" and "cat boy." Black Samurai leaves the bathroom and hangs out outside, Delphi exits the other bathroom and, while still under the effects of psychometry, moves to intervene. Gerisa pops open the door, and Black Samurai walks in. Karen gets Spinmad™, and leaves. Black Samurai has possibly the most frank conversation with the orc inside, clutching the living breathing being whose species name is actually PuppyPurse! while doing first aid. Black Samurai was allowed to help out. Karen returns with three mall guards, and the stakes increase.

The mall cops were like "hey, what is going on?" Delphi tells them of the weird dog-purse whose being held by the orc in there, and one of the guards looks in and states that they hate that orc and are gonna beat the frag out of both them and dog. Spinradical guy comes back and tries to do something to Black Samurai, but gets body slammed by the other mall guard and promptly tries to protect himself from the psychotic entity that is a security guard with a stick. The other guard, sensing a money opportunity, takes Karen away with a promise of justice so his buddy can work getting a bribe out of the runners.

gently soothed by the moonlit sonata of a man being beaten to a pulp, a bargain was struck between Delphi and the Mall cop. He and his boys would each get paid a small sum of money, and they allowed the situation to defuse. They went to work tying a rope around the spinradical dude and hang him upside down from the second story of the mall. They got a local mage to do a make-over spell to make him look like a famous shadowrunner clown, so it basically looked like a decoration and not a dude who got clubbed for rollerblading inside and trying something on someone they were talking too.

The orc gives up the puppy because of the antics of what just happened, and he doesn't want to deal with hot goods.

Delphi does some matrix wizardry and finds out a bunch of data on the nature of the PuppyPurse!™ while driving over to their detective Agency. Gerisa was told to frag off and go to the Colosseum, and check out the location ping of Alex Turing, the maid/servant who got clubbed by Ming.

By the time Gerisa arrived, Delphi finished with the intensive search and the entire runner team regrouped at the Colosseum.

The Collosium

The Colosseum is a dive bar with a thinly veiled and hidden underground fightclub. Everyone but Delphi immediately entered the AO. they pass the bouncer without an issue, he recognizes Shadowrunners when he sees them. The runners walk down into the fightclub, getting stamped based on welter or not they wanted to risk being randomly picked to fight a cybertiger. Runner team successfully negotiates with the local betting guy with Delphi acting as the manager of the fighters. Delphi inserts into the AO into the locker rooms and enters into a room with three Wuxing bio-sams, including Alex Turing, who are resting from their fight that Ming Zedong instigating to blow off stress. Delphi tries to gather info, but Ming is a social mystic adept. She gets mad about this, and Delphi tries to talk to Alex. This is interrupted by Ming snapping her fingers at Delphi and Alex, and telling her not to talk to the help. Delphi promptly tries to leave, and Ming tries to entrap Delphi.

Meanwhile, Black Samurai, Nogitsune, and Gerisa fight a Giant Enemy Crab and two cyber panthers. Black Samurai cuts the giant enemy crab in half, and then puts a good slice in the arm of the rigger who popped out with a pistol. the guy falls over. the two cyber tigers were dispatched by Gerisa and Nogitsune respectively.

The team exfiltrates when Delphi is in distress. The team makes a report for Rumba, the Cyber-Suzerain of the Johnson after doing a divination on the dog and figuring out its manufacturing location. Delphi flips off Alex and leaves. The runner team gets paid, and Johnson got bullied by rumba for the runners' antics.


Runners got paid. 1 dead rigger.

Delphi found out the primary producer of the PuppyPurse™ is a Horizon Subsidary. There are 2-3 copy cat corporations who used shadow runners to get data, including a SpinGlobal subsidiary, and a independent French corporation.


13 RVP

5 RVP:10 k Nuyen

8 RVP:8 Karma

Can convert Karma or Nuyen into software at gear purchase prices

May substitute up to 2 RVP to have "pay data items" which are pieces of data tailored to your preferences and wants which can be used in later runs.

+1 Public Awareness for Gerisa, Nogitsune, Black Samurai, unless they pay 4 RVP to have the support staff burn it away.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I'm not much of a person for dealing with major creatures or whatever that were more about dealing with things of flesh and blood, something I could easily end with a 303 round, piercing its skull and covering the surrounding and its Crimson confetti, or sneaking up behind it and applying pressure to the neck to snap it ending it quickly Nope something I cannot predict. Luckily enough managed to acquire the data information and deal with some annoying racist humans, scum lower than the earth they say you run across but as long as we manage to do the job right got paid in the end, and did some good out of it but at least there's some closure than that world, of course, I have a few more people added to the list  

Black Samurai

We've had species diverge into separate beings. We've had new species emerge, and we've had magic erupt. There's a part of me that wants to recoil at the existence of the...purse...and decide that its very existence is an affront to nature. But, that's the sort of thought process that festers and breeds until you become a hate-mongering Humanis member. You can't tell from looking at them, as I'm now well aware.

Despite needing to center myself in the realization that this creature deserves as much dignity and happiness in life as is possible to such a wretched existence, I don't have any inclination to extend that courtesy to the businesses that engineer designer pets. I say this as my arms and legs are engineered for efficient use in my day to day life and in combat. I recognize the irony as I send this message via a datajack integrated into my neural network.

There is no moral equivalency in these two situations. That poor creature didn't approve the modifications made to itself. No--someone else had to answer for that. As I dropped into an arena to provide cover for Dephi's investigation, I made choices I'll answer for one day, just like I'll answer for the modifications I've bolted into my body.


This wasn't the hardest thing to figure out, if anything, I had to rein in my team more than the opposition. Trying to get a good lead was hard, especially so when the local guards were being pricks to that hitman, Nogitsune, was it? Ah, whatever, everyone's a loudmouth at first. Here's hoping he learns to rein it in sooner or later, yijao? Chummer could use a cooler head -- but seriously, though, did you fucking see that? A crab drone and I suplexed a cybertiger. I'm going to upload footage of that on the Haven, that's gotta be a memory and a half.


A dog purse! Seriously, rich people are sick, actually fucking sick in the goddamn head. Like, what the actual fuck, just get a regular dog that fits in a purse! At least we found out about the manufacturer and got that poor creature to Nogitsune's vet - hopefully they can find someone who will provide a decent life for it. Ugh, I need to go play with my cats for a while.