My Ears are Ringing With a Sound

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My Ears are Ringing With a Sound
LocationSnowflake Nightclub, Touristville
Result Yakuza stopped, Andrew McTavish given evidence of Marsh's wrongdoing
Factions Involved
Yakuza (Touristville) Daniel Marsh Dirk
Yokai (Dusk)
Commanders and leaders
Yakuza Boss Unknown Man with expensive suit and PT augs
Casualties and losses
6 Yakuza Arrested for attempted rape, possession of novacoke with intent to distribute None


Through some unknown means, the woman who hired the runners in I've Come Here From Nowhere was made aware of the fact that some sort of violence was to be directed against the Snowflake nightclub; located in Touristville. There were two main suspects - the local Yakuza, who the owner of the club, Daniel Marsh (an elf), may not have kept his protection payments up with, and Andrew McTavish, a KE detective with personal reasons to hate Marsh.

McTavish did indeed intend to kill Marsh, having acquired an Ares Predator, false SIN, and a ballistic mask for the job. The Yakuza did intend to attack the club, but not to attack Marsh - they wanted a rival gang leader (coincidentally, also an elf) who made a show of partying at Snowflake and was pushing in on the Yakuza's territory. He also supplied Marsh with the drugs he dealt.


The meet took place at a noodle stand in Touristville, not far from the targeted nightclub. Yokai and Circe arrived on time, and had some box noodles. Dirk had to drop off his daughter at home, and arrived fifteen minutes late. Whilst talking to the Johnson - a man in two thousand nuyen suit, with adept powers and prototype transhuman bioware - Yokai realised that he'd seen this man before, at the end of I've Come Here From Nowhere.

The Johnson went on to explain that his employer wanted to hire the runners to stop an act of violence in or at the Snowflake nightclub. After providing some info on Marsh's finances and McTavish, he organised for the runners to have access to the nightclub across the street from Snowflake - an awful techno-egyptian styled place currently undergoing renovations.


Dirk called up his contacts, first asking Zer0 to find out anything on their Johnson. He was using a Rating 5 fake SIN with a curious defect - his last name was Chinese, despite his caucasian appearance. Zer0 also stated that he felt edgy or like he was being watched whilst he checked on the SIN. He then asked Henrietta Lang to look into Marsh, and she happily gave Dirk some public info on him. He was charged with supplying alcohol to a minor and possession with intent to distribute various party drugs, but was found not guilty on both occasions. She also implied that Andrew McTavish had a grudge against Marsh, and was annoyed that he could no longer come after him at his new club in Touristville, due to jurisdictional issues. She also gave Dirk Marsh's com code.

Arriving at the street Snowflake is located on, the Runners quickly set up in the offices of the nightclub opposite it. Scouting out Snowflake astrally, they found no astral defences and Marsh asleep in his office, with one guard. Using magic, Yokai and Circe broke in, knocked out the guard and used control thoughts on Marsh. He said he hadn't been paying any attention to the local Yakuza, and that the he did indeed act as a drug dealer. He also explained why McTavish hated him so much - he'd lured the man's daughter into one of his clubs, gotten her high and slipped a sedative into her drink. Her friends had pulled her out of the club before anything happened, but in her stupor she was hit by a care. They made him get even higher and to forget what had just happened, but recorded his answers. He was, to borrow a phrase, a massive weeaboo and had done his club up in a faux-Japanese aesthetic. Despite that, the club on the other side of the road was even uglier.

Dirk confirmed Marsh's story with McTavish, and got more info on Marsh. He promised the KE detective that he would have something serious on Marsh within 24 hours. They had surveillance on the Yakuza, who talked about gearing up to get an elf at Snowflake. McTavish decided to wait to see what Dirk turned up before killing Marsh, but the Yaluza made to attack. Traveling in two jeeps, they had three foot soldiers (one carrying an Aztechnology Strike loaded with a fragmentation rocket, the other two with Ares Alphas), twp adepts armed with swords, and were lead by a cybered up street samurai. Circe's spirit caused the foot soldier with the rocket launcher to miss, and then battle was joined.


Two of the Yakuza were left alive but defeated, whilst the rest were killed. After being paid with certified credsticks in a noodlebox, from the same noodle stand the met was located at, Dirk uploaded Marsh's confession to McTavish, who used it to have Marsh arrested. Marsh was charged with attempted rape and possession with intent to distribute. The Johnson, or his employer, figured out Dirk's real identity by bugging McTavish's comlink.


Player Characters


12,000 Nuyen

4 Karma


AAR: What a shit show man. The J hired us to investigate club snowflake and prevent some kind of impending violence that was apparently imminent. There were three leads: Daniel Marsh, an elf drug dealer who hasnt been paying his protection money. Yaks, from the Shotozumi, who were pissed from not getting the protection money and finally Daniel McTavish, a KE detective who was out to get Marsh for some reason. So I started with the root of the problem, Marsh. I sneaked my way into his office, only to find him face flat on a drekload of novacoke. What a fucking junkie. A few slaps later, Marsh told us all bout his past, how he spiked the drink of McTavish's teenage daughter and even though he could not take advantage of her, the girl in her drugged up state met a car accident and lost her legs. Now her pissed off dad was after Marsh's ass. Not to mention this fragger was a massive weeb who decorated his office like some anime obsessed wanker. What an insult to my culture. Meanwhile, trouble was brewing up at club snowflake. As soon as the sun set, a bunch of Yakuza, ninjas led by some kind of cyber samurai lay siege to the place. Not on my watch. And it was that day I earned by nickname "Yak slayer". Man I killed so many of them, even their grand kids would be pissing their pants whenever they hear my name. I felt no remorse. They exiled me from my home, took away my future for simply what I was. I on the other hand was generous enough to bestow on them just the sweet release of death. The Devil of Seattle is here to collect, time to pay for your sins crackles lightning


12,000 Nuyen

4 Karma



12,000 Nuyen

4 Karma

+1 KE faction rep


2 Karma and 16000 Nuyen. Added XXv0y4g3rXx as a contact, owed 1 favour. Purchases occurred.