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This metaplot deals with the events surrounding February 7th, 2081, which was threatened to be a series of attacks on the scale of the Night of Rage in a leaked document from the Hand of Five's secret host. For the latest information on the Hand of Five, see pages 14-15 of Ten Terrorists.


Hand of Five

During the Night of Rage, the worldwide terror attacks in 2039, metahumans of all types were rounded up and killed in mass by several different terror groups. Perhaps the most infamous of these was the Hand of Five, which worked with Lone Star to corral metahumans into designated areas "for their safety" before Hand members bombed them. Lone Star turned on them after the Corporate Court threatened to sue them for breach of contract, and they were hunted down to very nearly the last member. A new group calling itself the Hand of Five is being spoken of in the shadows. It claims to be led by a surviving member of the original Hand, though this is unproven.

Despite the damage the original Hand of Five did, many question whether it was a scapegoat for a more powerful player like Alamos 20,000 or Humanis; the Hand of Five was mostly a bunch of racist street thugs who adopted a name rather than an organized terror threat. It has become an ideal fondly regarded by present-day human supremacists who wish they could so easily round up and kill metahumans like the Hand once did. This makes the new Hand of Five's claims of revival spurious. Nevertheless, the name recognition has been building excitement as cryptic matrix posts claim responsibility for anti-metahuman terror attacks throughout North America. This Hand of Five is different from before, and it's testing its capabilities.

The new Hand of Five tends to operate in cells of 10 to 15. It does not possess much in the way of thaumaturgical or matrix assets, but it makes up for that with ample firepower, discipline, and raw fanaticism.

Lone Star

With Knight-Errant's position on the world stage shakier than ever, Lone Star is chomping at the bit to steal all the police contracts it can. On the other hand, it was complicit (if not an active participant) in the events of the Night of Rage, particularly in Seattle, where it got so bad the Corporate Court threatened to sue them and the Seattle government. Today, members of Lone Star remain openly affiliated with the more "respectable" human supremacist groups such as Humanis. If the new Hand of Five takes after the old one, it will probably have strings in Lone Star it can pull, though Lone Star will be motivated to balance this pull against its desire to claim Knight-Errant's share of the market.

Mothers of Metahumans

An international policlub that seeks to fight discrimination against non-human races, Mothers of Metahumans has a history of funding feel-good shadowruns. Despite its appearance as a toothless nonprofit, it has considerable political influence, and it is known to pay good money for intelligence that would help it organize resistance to racist activity. It is primarily active in North America, with its HQ in Washington FDC and its two largest chapters in Seattle and Los Angeles. It was a major force during the liberation of CalFree.


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