No Honor Among Thieves

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No Honor Among Thieves
LocationCrime Mall
Factions Involved
Phantom Drifter
Evans Doyle
Knight Errant


Four Haven runners happen to be shopping at the Crime Mall when a group of runners sent by Ares to disrupt business and allow KE to pick up some illegal goods attack. The Havenites basically tear through them and get a nice payday.


Knight Errant has consistently failed to crack down on illicit retail operations in Puyallup's famed Crime Mall. To finally get their hands on some of those delicious stolen goods, they send a team of runners to disrupt fleeing salespeople and shoppers and ensure KE can pick them up. Unfortunately for them, there are four Havenites shopping at this time, and the Ares-sponsored team gets entirely wiped.

The Shopping Trip

That day, Ikari, Phantom Drifter, Doyle, and Queen are happily wandering the Crime Mall making purchases.

Phantom Drifter has visited a gunsmith's, getting one of her big irons upgraded. Sadly, her multiple sclerosis is acting up today.

Queen is at Stainless, browsing options for a Move-by-Wire upgrade.

Doyle has purchased an Ares Vigorous Assault Cannon, and is eating at the food court.

Ikari, high on novacoke, has purchased a functionally-identical new bicycle, assisted by a low-force spirit of air.

Uh Oh

Suddenly, an alarm comes on, indicating an incoming Knight Errant raid. The Havenites are linked together via the ShadowHaven app, and congregate together. Ikari, thinking perhaps too quickly, summons a higher-force spirit and applying their buffs. The team quickly notices a Storm of fire outside, but Ikari's assensing tells them that the Storm isn't particularly powerful, and more can be determined by the relative unharmedness of the individuals outside who have rushed back in. Emboldened, the four Havenites move outside, and immediately bump into the runners Ares sent.

Violence Ensues

Doyle opens up with a spray of fire, but a grenade ends up thrown into the centre of the runners. Phantom Drifter, in a moment of suicidal bravery, catches it and charges the other runners, who themselves flee and leave Phantom Drifter on her back in a crater. As Queen gets harassed by the opposing decker, Ikari's spirit eliminates the spirit that was sustaining the Storm. From here, it takes only a few more blasts of lightning, acidic explosions, and shots from Doyle's heavily-modified Ares Alpha to eliminate the physical opfor. Permanently.

Queen quickly hacks into the one remaining commlink, the rest having been rendered useless by the fight, and figures out the reason for the attack. After the team leaves, the management of the Crime Mall offers them a small reward, which Queen manages to negotiate significantly higher, partially in 'store credit'.


¥6,000, ¥20,000 Crime Mall Credit / 5 Karma, 6 Karma

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Sheesh, I can't even go shopping without ending up in a gunfight. So was doing bit of window shopping looking at various heavy weaponry and taking a bite from food cart. Then a fragging raid alarm turns on, but luckily there's a panic button just for this sort of thing and there were few of coworkers around to lend aid. So we go out to see what's going on and there's a bloody firestorm, we go though fire and flames to see KE team who started it. I open fire clip one real nice, but she tooses a 'nade at us. And Texan, she pick the bloody thing and charges at them. Ikari melts few of them and I geek the remaining one. Queen hacks their deck and turn out they were a opposing runner team sent to delay the people untill KE arrive, we joink their pay and call it a job well done.