Notice to Taco Temple Customers

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Taco Temple newsletter

A notice to taco temple customers center||link=Taco Temple newsletter Date: 5/6/2081 By: Crue A'nu REO Taco Temple PR

Due to recent events we apologize to all customers of the Bellevue area. In brief summary a disgruntled employee was caught after having deleted all managing files at one location of Bellevue then proceeding to assault our HQ in Bellevue. This individual was caught and is awaiting trial. However this individual seems to have gotten ahold of our Mega Grande Volcano Burrito sectet recipe before hand and hidden it.

In the mean time we implore you to go out to Taco temple in other areas as our Bellevue locations will be closed until damages can be repaired.

Sacrifice your tastebuds to flavour. With our new ultra magma grande Burrito with real meat.